Some big changes are heading our way in the social media advertising space. From new AI introductions to Meta and LinkedIn, to X setting up a paywall for all users.

Here’s all the latest updates you need to know.

Ad-free subscription could be coming to Meta

Due to all of the EU law changes around data privacy, it is looking like Meta might be creating a subscription service where users pay $14 or $17 per month to have an ad free experience.

The reason for this is for each user who receives personalised ads, Meta earns $17 from the ad spend. Due to the data privacy laws changing, Meta would then be missing out on this money. This isn’t in place yet, but is something that is potentially in the works.

New updates to Advantage+

Following in LinkedIn’s footsteps, Meta will now be introducing generative AI features for ad creation. This tool will provide more creative options, making suggestions for your copy, generating backgrounds and introducing image expansion tools.

The test group for this reported the new options saved them significant time and helped them maximise their campaigns – definitely something all advertisers should be aiming to do. The options include:

  • AI generated copy – this will use Meta’s Advantage+ data and draft you copy based on other high performing campaigns.
  • Background generation – this will use AI in the same way as your copy but for your assets. So if you have a static ad it will generate a background based on the asset you are using, to help your ads look better for users being delivered them.
  • Image expansion tool – this will use Meta’s Advantage+ creatives that help size your creative for the best performance. However, with this introduction it will now also allow you to use larger assets that are resized to be seen as usual for the ads, but then can be expanded to their regular size using the AI tool.

X to release a tiered subscription service, and a charge for all users

To follow on from previous months, X is likely to release a three tier subscription service – the highest tier would have no ad exposure whatsoever. X has also released how these tiers will differ from each other.

Elon Musk has also mentioned that he is planning on charging all users who use X $1 per month to be able to use X/Twitter as they already do now, this again is likely to lower X’s ads targeting’s audience sizes.

LinkedIn has started testing AI accelerated ad campaigns

Yet another AI update for LinkedIn, following its previous updates, LinkedIn will now be adding accelerated campaigns. This will essentially use AI to automate your campaign creation process, similar to Meta’s Advantage+.

It looks like it will work like ChatGPT, where you prompt/fill in a form to what your campaign is and who your target audience are and then the AI will build your campaign for you.

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