Companies’ use of Facebook will benefit greatly from the recent news that Stipple, the interactive picture app that allows us to add greater detail to images, has finally teamed up with Facebook.
Facebook's example of how to use StippleWith online marketing having been around now for a number of years, companies are always needing fresh and exciting ways to attract new customers. This could be one such method to attract greater levels of traffic to their social media and website pages.
Whilst a lot of the general public will be unaware as to what Stipple is, online marketers are fully aware of its benefits. Let me give you a quick introduction into how it works:
Those who upload a picture can insert interactive content on top of it, which others can then access by hovering over a particular part of the image. Examples of the contents include videos, brief snippets of text, or a contrasting imFacebook has a page demonstrating how to use Stippleage to highlight differences.
When hovering over a picture of food, such as the picture above, a text box could pop up describing the ingredients or recipe. This means that, rather than having to read through a block of text, the important details are easy to access and understand.
Quick, concise and informative pieces of information will mean that users can find out what the businesses’ message is much faster than with a block of text.
Let’s be honest, people who go onto social media sites and then the pages of companies, are not going to want to sit there and read massive blocks of text which will bore them and even put them off the product. By using Stipple, companies can now send out their messages on Facebook through engaging pictures, a much more attractive channel.
Stipple on Facebook is without question a bonus for brands as it makes it much easier to market yourself through pictures and interactive content and we all love a cool picture.
What do you think to the idea of Stipple? Do you think brands are going to be all over it in the next few months or is it just another flash in the pan?
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