That’s right PR and social fans, 2021 is the year we kickstart a new blog series that looks at a monthly round up of all the goings on in the Prohibition team – and a little bit of what’s going on in the world too, we can’t escape it.

This year may not have started off as we’d dreamed it would, with the events of the last 12 months still looming over us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate internal achievements and enjoy a few memes along the way.

January was cold, it was damp, and there were some pretty crazy things going on in the world, but it was also the month that brought Bernie Sander’s mittens into our lives (and the Prohibition office)…

There just always seems to be someone who is cold in the office…


And some fantastic campaigns looking to perk up Jan which we’ve been admiring;

Iceland Naturally recently launched their Joyscrolling app as part of a campaign to combat the phenomenon of ‘doomscrolling’ (hands up, who else is guility?), and instead plunge us into a feed of ‘pure Icelandic joy’ to help boost our mental health. Hinged on new research revealing we scroll through 22.7m of content on our devices every single day, Iceland Naturally created 22.7m of positive affirmations, tips for relaxation and beautiful imagery and sounds from Iceland for users to enjoy when the negativity of our social feeds just get too much.

The world of Window Swap took over our lives too, as we lost endless time to nosying through other people’s windows around the world. With the click of a button, you can be transported to pretty much anywhere – Paris, LA, Rome, you name it! When we’re all missing travelling and experiencing other cultures so much, this mini snapshots into the views of others really satisfied that craving for a little while! You’re welcome…

And finally Samaritan’s annual Brew Monday certainly put a smile on our faces, as the charity encourage us to beat ‘blue Monday’ by catching over a cuppa with our friends and loved ones. When we’re all physically disconnected from others, it’s important to try and stay connected in whatever way we can – and, let’s be honest, we’re always up for a cup of Yorkshire’s finest in the PPR team too.

We also had some great internal news at Prohibition, as we welcomed two new faces to our ever-expanding team! Harvey joined the ever-expanding team as our newest account executive, and Tyler started his new role as PR and social media assistant.

Seeing our team flourish and grow is what we’re all about at Prohibition too, and we’re lucky enough to have some amazing talent in our team, so to have three internal promotions within the first few weeks of the year put a massive smile on all of our faces.

Sinead and Victoria were both promoted to Account Managers, and Katie was promoted to Senior Account Executive too – well done ladies!

So, we’ve made it through January – the days are only getting longer and brighter from here on in! We’ve got some amazing new clients joining us and we’ll be kickstarting some fantastic campaigns, so keep an eye on our social feeds to keep up with all the latest goings on!

Keep smiling gang.

Love, the PPR team.

Prohibition CTA

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