We like an unusual brief here at Prohibition, and that’s why we positively jumped at the chance to work with the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), the membership organisation that promotes the interests of Spiritualism across the UK.
The brief
Facing a number of challenges, including many misconceptions about the religion due to media sensationalisation, Prohibition was tasked with changing the public’s perception of spiritualism as a whole, and communicating the true meaning of the religion, and promoting its increasing relevance to a younger demographic.
Working as the SNU’s retained PR agency, Prohibition has carried out a series of high-profile PR campaigns and implemented an ongoing press office function in order to help raise the profile of the growing religion.
The Spiritualists’ National Union has more than 340 churches across the UK, and our activity included working closely with these to build up a rapport and communicate all of the positive things they are doing within their local communities, manufacturing regional news stories to not only promote the individual churches, but the SNU as a whole.
Working closely with the SNU, we were also able to identify case studies from within the union that had interesting real-life stories to tell, and, sensitively communicating them to the media.
In addition to this, our PR activity included developing a number of creative campaigns, an example of which involved carrying out research to investigate the UK’s belief and value system, with the aim of better understanding the religion’s growing relevance in today’s society. The research provided a number of unique talking points and proved successful in achieving UK-wide coverage highlighting all key messages.
Through implementing an intensive media relations program, we worked to secure both national and regional media exposure for the SNU. Prohibition orchestrated press visits to the UK’s main centre for Spiritualism, the Arthur Findlay College, arranging media interviews and securing a triple page feature in the Sunday Express, amongst other leading national newspapers.
Thanks to our success in tackling these key issues and challenges, along with our ability to form a good working relationship with the client, the Spiritualists’ National Union has now appointed PRohibition as their retained PR agency for the next three years – ensuring our great work continues to raise the profile of spiritualism.

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