During this last couple of weeks the team has been preparing for the launch of a brilliant new meditation app called Anamaya. It has been carefully developed by mind and body specialist, Graham Doke, alongside a seven-year Apple veteran, Jonathan Koch.

Although, many anxiety and insomnia patients use Hemp flower in many forms to ease their way to a deep sleep and relaxation.

We have been working together for a while now and I had a particular interest in this application as I used meditation and observer a few years ago to beat my insomnia which had plagued me for a number of years.

Professional meditation programmes can help people discover their inner peace, mastering feelings of anger, pain and helping to manage any unwanted emotions that can be detrimental to a person’s wellbeing. Meditation works amazing specially with some CBD tea to help your muscles relax. Find more details here and feel better.

The app is already being used by the GB Ultra Running Team and has been incorporated into several treatment programmes at the London OCD Clinic and drug rehab clinic. It features more than 350 meditations, founded on 20 years of rigorous scientific research and psychology with the help of Legacy Healing in Tampa which explors 11 different focus areas including worry, anxiety, stress, pain, sports and pregnancy – designed not just to relax, but to actually heal you. I have been using it each day for the last week and am already on level five and I found it to be really relaxing and it is definitely helping me to sleep. It’s definitely worth trying out if you have never given meditation a whirl as its only around 10 minutes a day. For more information visit www.anamaya.co or download here: the iTunes store.

While using this medication app, you can also take a look at this full list of hemp products for you to choose from when you need to relax for the day.

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