As readers of the Tweasier blog will know, the team and I have been busy over the last six months working hard on improving our Twitter management application. One of Twitter mention statisticsthe key things ours users have been asking for is better Twitter statistics which can be exported and manipulated in programs like excel – so you can make your graphs look how you want. Well I am proud to announce that we have moved things on significantly and we are going to continue to do so. Our Pro and Premium account users now have access to these new statistics but you can test them too with our free 7-day trial. Social media measurement is critical to understanding the success of your social networking activities. Twitter statistics can be critical in helping to identify how effective your online campaigns have been. Twitter metrics are a clever tool which can help you identify your potential reach and the size of your audience. In our twitter management application we have packed it full with useful statistics that can all be exported and shared with your friends or colleagues. We know you want to be able to justify using Twitter as a business tool, so we have shaped our application offering accordingly to help you show your influence on Twitter. We have created an analytics dashboard that allows you to see your most important Twitter statistics in one place. We have also created several statistics sections which are clearly labelled and broken down into relevant categories. Our new Twitter statistics clearly show you the following:Twitter network statistics  

Twitter Network Statistics

· Who are the most influential friends and followers in your network? · Who are the most popular friends in your network by number of friends? · Who are the most popular friends in your network by number of followers? · Who are the most popular followers in your network by number of friends?  


· Total mentions of your twitter account. · Who has been mentioning you on twitter? o This will help you to see who you are engaging with · Hourly mentions –when during the day you have been mentioned the most? · Daily mentions – which day you have been mentioned the most in the week? · Weekly mentions – this table shows you how many mentions you got in a week and compares it to the last four weeks · Monthly mentions  


Do you want to know how popular your tweets are? Who shared your tweets and why well this section will help you identify that.Twitter RT statistics · How many RTs of you? · How many RTs to you? · How many RTs by you? · A table which shows how much of your content was normal tweets versus you sharing RTs with your network  

Link Content

· Total links shared by you · Total links shared by everyone in your network · Total number of tweets from your network that contained mentions · Total number of tweets that contained questions · Total number of tweets that contained RTs Links

· Our full integration means you can shorten links in Tweasier share them and track that link for unique Timeline statisticsclicks. · See which links you shared through Tweasier were the most popular.  


· See the total tweets published so far since you joined us · Tweet frequency – see how many tweets have been published · Hourly tweeting – when is your network the busiest · Daily tweet frequency · Weekly tweet frequency · Monthly tweet frequency    


· See all of the people you have followed in the last two weeks · See which friends were acquired through our searches so you can refine your searches for better targetingTwitter Friends  


· See all of the people who have followed you in the last two weeks · See which followers you have acquired over the last two weeks


· See how effective your saved twitter searches have been within Tweasier. · Our tables show you how many searches you have · Which is the most productive search? · How many people you have followed and unfollowed from these searches  

Twitter usage

· See which Twitter clients your friends and followers are using most from Tweetdeck through to Hootsuite here you can see them all and track them. If you don’t have a Tweasier account you can sign-up here. If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact us by email and we will do our best to help you out. Best wishes, The Tweasier Team

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