We like to give something back to the industry here at Prohibition. And rather than the usual vague promises of doing  something meaningful, we decided to do something that really had the potential to really make an impact.

So, we decided to create a voluntary online student magazine, written and edited entirely by students, with the aim of it becoming an outlet for students to secure work experience in digital journalism. Well, two years on and Student Wire is now seriously successful and has taken off beyond our wildest expectations. There are currently 78 writers and 50,000 readers across the UK and it’s in the enviable position of being the third largest student magazine in the country. Our editor now works two days a week from the Prohibition offices, and income from advertising and sponsored posts pays our overheads. Throughout this time, we’ve kept it true to its original aim; a magazine for students, by students. This is all great for Prohibition too, and we are able to take the deep insight gained from 50,000 young people, to advise our clients on all aspects of youth marketing, from holding focus groups, to testing new products, and conducting market research.

About Chris Norton

Founder of Prohibition, listed in the world's top 30 marketing bloggers and an award winning online PR and crisis management specialist. Co-author of Share This Too.