British Wool – dress smarter

British Wool – dress smarter
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Educating audiences to dress and buy smarter for British Wool

British Wool collects, promotes and markets British wool on behalf of sheep farmers from across the UK. Its mission is to increase sustainable demand for British wool, by educating British audiences on the environmental benefits of purchasing and supporting farmers across the UK.

We were briefed by British Wool to encourage fashion-goers to think twice about purchasing fast fashion and build brand awareness of British wool as a sustainable material through media coverage, social content, and an influencer partnership.


To cut through the noise of major corporate fashion retailers, we came up with the ‘What on Earth Are You Wearing’ campaign that would educate audiences on where their clothes come from through an integrated offline and online campaign.

In order to get the British public to think consciously about their shopping habits, we used detailed research to uncover startling insights and figures to lead our campaign, such as the average British person throwing away at least 70 pieces of clothes each year.

We wanted our campaign research to have an ever-lasting effect on fast fashion consumers. So to drive further impact, we hired a pop-up stall in the bustling and highly popular City Centre location of Manchester Piccadilly Gardens, to catch and educate retail shoppers during a busy time frame.


The pop-up event was attended by recognised influencer and fair-fashion activist Aja Bar (@ajabarber) who spoke with high-street shoppers and provided social media content to build more reputation behind the brand. We then created video and photography content with interviews captured at the event with Aja and British Wool’s Marketing Director to reinforce brand and campaign messaging. This content was then used on social to encourage traffic to the campaign landing page.

Using the campaign research, we pitched the campaign to the press with multiple PR angles to position British wool as a sustainable alternative for fashion garments and reach our target audience through a multi-channel approach.


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Our integrated and creative approach educated and inspired audiences to dress, as well as buy smarter – achieving the following results:

  • Top tier media coverage – including print and online coverage from the Telegraph, MSN, and Daily Star
  • 6M media circulation
  • 5 pieces of social media coverage from influencer activity – including one reel reaching 26K+ users

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