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Prohibition PR is a specialist in the luxury sector, especially when it comes to jewellery. Our client portfolio consists of global luxury brands such as Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb, Carvela, Kurt Geiger and Watches of Switzerland.

So, if you’re a new or established jewellery brand in the luxury market, you’ve come to the right place. Our PR services will take your brand strategy to a new level of class – we can get you talked about today.

PR for the Luxury Jewellery Sector

As a luxury brand, you will know PR strategies for this sector are different from others, as luxury shoppers are a far narrower audience, because they command a higher price point, and are far more sought-after.

This is where we come in with luxury PR, to not only build your jewellery brand and find consumers, but interact with other luxury brands, influencers, and media outlets to build your status carefully and strategically.

We are experts in jewellery PR

Our approach to Luxury PR

Traditional PR, but With a Digital Mindset

To achieve comprehensive media coverage and maximise brand exposure for our clients, we work with press outlets on a national and international scale.

Our specialist PR professionals have worked in the industry for 10+ years. Their knowledge of the media landscape and news agenda is unparalleled. It’s this expertise matched with our passion for creativity, that will land coverage for your jewellery brand not just in any publication, but in relevant news publications and put you in the eye of potential customers.

As part of our outreach, we target relevant journalists using techniques such as newsjacking or planned online campaigns, to achieve high-quality backlinks to your site – indicating to crawlers your website is trustworthy. The benefit of this for luxury jewellery brands is that it will boost organic visibility, as well as support overall brand development.

Not only this, but our PR services can amplify brand exposure through a wide range of online and offline platforms such as radio, TV, and paid social media to heighten product promotion and drive footfall to your stores.

Luxury PR, Social, and Influencer Case Study: Carvela and Kurt Geiger


In May 2021, luxury women’s shoe and accessory brand, Carvela (owned by the Kurt Geiger Group) opened its first boutique outside of London in the Victoria Quarter.

Our brief was to launch the new Carvela store and relocate Kurt Geiger stores to a Leeds-focused consumer audience.


As part of our create, engage, and convert approach. We targeted regional public relations support to provide “top of the funnel” brand awareness, one-on-one influencer relations to drive credible word of mouth among key audiences, and used content creation using influencers to provide online and social media content, which could then be used for paid-social retargeting.


    • 122 pieces of social coverage and 717K+ people reached via influencer content
    • 32 backlinks to the Carvela website
    • Uplift in footfall to their store from a predominantly Leeds audience
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Social Media to Power Company Comms

As luxury jewellers, there’s still a reliance from consumers to visit stores to see a product before purchasing. Especially when it’s a large investment and sentimental to them, such as an engagement ring, birthday present, or anniversary gift.

Social media is a great way of creating hype in an online community, whether it’s through company comms or creatives across your channels. As part of our PR strategy, we pair creativity with compelling copywriting, to give a cohesive experience and truly show the value of that product.

By analysing your company’s social media channels through audience insights, our team can see who is interacting with your content. We use this data for campaign inspiration and create content based on this, that’s going to capture the exclusivity of your fine jewellery.

Paid Social Media Activity to Reach New Audiences

We can develop your brand strategy and grow sales, by taking your content reach, impressions, and CTA’s to a new level of prestige.

Paid social advertising supports your organic social media campaigns and uses targeting perimeters to drive conversions from your desired target audience.

We can target people based on demographics, locations, timings, and much more. By using this activity, we’re able to subject your fine jewellery products to potential customers that may have not interacted with your brand yet or users that have, to encourage them to purchase from your business through re-targeting.

By letting us handle your paid social activity, we can provide a cohesive and data-led approach across your brand activity to drive sales.

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Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Drive Brand Advocacy

Influencer marketing is a hugely powerful marketing tool for jewellery brands. It builds up brand loyalty, heightens engagement, and raises awareness amongst new audiences. Influencers are seen as more credible than paid advertisements or celebrity endorsements and have a listening and engaged audience.

For every influencer campaign we run, we make sure the brand is matched up with an influencer that’s relevant to their brand and provides value. We don’t just look at core metrics, we look at the metrics that matter – engagement rate, audience, and content quality. By picking an influencer that will identify with your audience and align with your KPIs, we’re able to create hype through product placement, which will inevitably turn into sales.

As well as social media influencers, we use other avenues of influencer marketing, such as a guest blogger or a celebrity endorsement to increase your brand’s share of voice online and nurture users at every stage of their digital journey.

Developing Brand Story through Content Creation

Content creation is a highly effective way of communicating your brand values and story, especially through video and imagery.

As part of our video production services, we can produce content that will appeal to social media algorithms – using it as a vital sales channel. This will draw in audiences in the UK and beyond, to drive footfall and online leads to your retail store. And with shopping features enhancing more by the day – content creation provides a new way of commanding your target audience’s attention.

Our creative team can use their services to promote your collection of exquisite products in many innovative ways; whether it’s product launches, event videography, or store openings.

Prestige Brand Management

As a luxury brand, consumers are going to be looking for brand messaging that’s clear, concise, and helpful across your range of comms. They expect nothing less than a luxury customer experience.

By using social 360, we’re able to offer real-time crisis management through social listening data. This data enables us to analyse the conversations circulating about your luxury jewellery brand online, either negative or positive. From this data, we can offer guidance on how to effectively manage your company comms to stop a PR crisis from happening.

Building Stronger Customer Relations

As a luxury product, customer expectation is going to be very high, so the way you communicate with them is crucial. This is where we come in, we can manage your online reputation to prevent any PR disasters from happening.

Our team of PR specialists offers unparalleled access to global expertise and insight across the full spectrum of communications.

Other Sectors We Operate In

Our PR services don’t just stop here. If you’re looking for a luxury experience across multiple B2C and B2B sectors, we also operate in the luxury travel, hotel, and lifestyle industry.

As a public relations agency operating for 10+ years, we also have a history of delivering great results in a wider range of sectors such as FMCG PR, health and beauty PR, higher education PR, and public sector PR.

Why Choose Prohibition?

Integrated PR and Marketing

As a fully integrated PR agency, we deliver more than just a press release, blogger outreach, editorial placement, or other press activity.

We can manage all your brand activity in-house across social media, paid social media, influencer campaigns, trade events, store openings, and press relations on a local and national level to deliver pure-class results.

We set your jewellery brand apart in another dimension of class from your competitors.

Multi-Award-Winning Jewellery PR agency

Since Prohibition PR started, we’ve worked with many prestigious brands, helping them build their marketing and PR strategies from scratch. That’s why our PR services have won us over 45+ awards in the past 10 years!

From delivering 122 pieces of social coverage for Goldsmiths to delivering 1.8M reach with video and campaign photography for Mappin & Webb, to building an entrepreneurial profile for Navy Pro through brand development and more, we’ve delivered results time and time again.

Our Luxury Work

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