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What is Luxury Hotel PR?

With so many guest types in the hotel industry; such as retirees, families, solo travellers, couples, and business professionals. You need to be able to reach and land the right messages to all these audience types to receive maximum brand exposure and reputation.

Everything from the comfort of beds to hotel location is analysed when it comes to luxury hotels, so it’s important to show off your luxury property early. Through luxury PR, we can make your luxury hotel worth the high-price point!

If you’re a luxury hotel brand looking to raise its profile in the UK or on an international scale, you need a dedicated Luxury PR agency – that’s us.

How is it different from Other Industries?

The main benefit of this industry is that customers are willing to pay anything for the property that’s going to bring them the most pleasure and absolute joy – they’re not wanting just an ordinary stay, they’re looking for an exclusive experience.

Whether that includes a short or long stay, restaurants, resorts, a spa with a pool, or much more amenities for guests. There’s a good chance luxury hotel brands have already got many of these amenities at one property, as well as others.

So, how do luxury travel brands make their properties stand out against world-renowned hotel groups such as Hilton Hotels or Radisson Blue? We create PR and marketing campaigns that will effectively engage your target audience, effectively promote your facilities, and drive website bookings and brand presence with global impact. Our 10+ years of experience in the luxury sector uses in-depth knowledge to sell your brand story and drive real business growth!

Our Luxury Travel Approach

Taking Hotel Stays to New Heights

Whether it’s creating luxury stays or staying ahead of trends in the news agenda, we will make sure your brand is relevant. Through newsjacking, plus other techniques, we’re able to ensure your brand is a regular on national and regional media outlets.

With our list of industry contacts, we’re able to outreach to specialist hotel and travel publications, to reach audiences from other sources that already have an interest in the tourism industry.

This will push potential customers further down the sales funnel, as they’ve already got a desire for purchasing a luxury hotel stay.

Promoting A Stay Like No Other

81% of shoppers will read reviews before booking a hotel stay. Through media relations, we can achieve comprehensive local and national coverage, to highlight the benefits of your luxury hotel brand for maximum brand exposure.

We can assist this with creatives, such as video and imagery, to truly capture the experience of staying at a luxury hotel through effective mediums – which we can provide through our creative team.

Through content creation, our in-house Creative Team can showcase your hotel’s range of suites/rooms, villas, and wealth of perks that are going to give it the “wow” factor in the UK and beyond.

Using Influencers to Become Avid Travel Stayers

Through influencer relations, we’re able to maximise engagement and reach of your content to relevant audiences. We can implement this through celebrity endorsements, social media influencers, and guest bloggers to target customers.

Our key to influencer marketing is picking a figure that represents your brand and resonates with your audience. Influencers can be used to share every part of the customer journey; everything from purchasing a hotel suite to the overall stay, and final verdicts.

We will sort everything from vetting, and campaign strategy to execution we can implement for your luxury hotel business.

Paid Social Advertising to Keep Customers For More Than a One Night Stay

Through audience insights, we’re able to build a persona on your typical buyer and discover new ways of reaching your audience, whether this is through Facebook (Meta) ads or pushing influencer content on TikTok. Paid social advertising links with your organic social media efforts, to elevate content and reach to a new level.

By selecting targeting perimeters on locations, times, and geography we’re able to maximise campaign ROI by targeting the right people at the right time. We can turn reach from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands, to even millions, to audiences that are going to convert.

Prohibition can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote when you give us a call. We promise that our Luxury PR service can be provided at your convenience and at a cost-effective level.

Traditional PR, But With a Digital Mindset

By running traditional and digital public relations campaigns, we’re able to connect your organic and off-page strategies for a stronger overall presence. The art of writing press releases might be similar, but they’re equally as valuable for different reasons. Although traditional PR may be looked over by some people because of its restrictive reporting, it’s incredibly powerful for word of mouth – as still a lot of audiences are not online and prefer physical interactions.

Our team of PR specialists is able to integrate online and offline PR efforts to make sure your content is ranking on search engines online, as well as positioning your brand as a household name.

Luxury Hotel Event Launches

Launching a new hotel or package? You want your product to receive as much positive exposure as possible early on, so it’s a recognised brand for luxury consumers. We can work closely with you to help deliver hotel launches, from pre-launch to the run-up and beyond, creating media exclusives and brand exposure through press coverage.

Our specialist PR team can drive up further hype through communications to make your luxury hotel experience more desirable and limited to a select few.

Managing Online Reputation

One bad customer experience and its enough to put a customer off for life, which is even more detrimental if it’s in the public sphere. This is where we come in, we can manage your online reputation to prevent any PR disasters from happening.

Our team of PR specialists offers unparalleled access to global expertise and insight across the full spectrum of communications – from media relations and stakeholder engagement to social media strategy and digital advertising.

Luxury PR Consulting & Training

Using in-depth plan consultation and development – in addition to – we can relaunch your established brand or launch a new brand to the market, helping you reach the top of your industry.

You can focus on crafting your exquisite products while we concern ourselves with turning them into a thriving commercial reality.

Why Prohibition PR?

Integrated Luxury PR and Marketing

Our integrated PR services will make sure you hit your target customers at the right time, on the right platform, and with the right message to turn leads into visitors and loyal guests.

Whether you need product placement in a national magazine or want to boost your social media following, you can count on us to make bespoke campaigns that will get your brand to where it needs to be.

In the competitive, cutthroat world of luxury, you’ll need a guide that knows the terrain. So, let us do the work for you.

Other Luxury Sectors We Operate In

Our Luxury expertise spans a wide range of sectors, including the Luxury Lifestyle, Travel, and Hospitality Industry. We’re a Luxury Jewellery PR Agency, Luxury Lifestyle PR Agency, and Luxury Travel PR Agency – all rolled into one.

We can input our knowledge from working with luxury brands and help other household luxury names to build their marketing and PR strategies from scratch.

From press coverage to brand development and more, we’ve delivered results time and time again for our clients.

Multi-Award-Winning PR agency

As a luxury brand, you expect nothing less than class results. So, it’s only right you want to hire a PR agency to match, our insight-led and creatively crafted stories have won us over 45 awards since operating as a business.

We can create the same stand-out results for your luxury hotel brand, contact us today!

Our Luxury Work

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