Primula’s cheesy Christmas

Primula’s cheesy Christmas

Utilising TikTok influencers to make Primula’s Christmas its biggest and best yet

Primula Cheese is an FMCG leader in food and since 1924, it has been a kitchen staple for many households and families across the UK. As the world’s first spreadable cheese in a tube, Primula offers consumers a wide range of flavours that meet their snacking needs and dietary requirements.

Christmas is a key time for sales, and the brand wanted to make 2021 its biggest and best-ever festive season.

Prohibition was briefed to drive brand awareness through an integrated PR, influencer, and social media campaign that would drive interest and increase purchase intent with Primula’s core audience during the Christmas period.


Our insights predicted that Christmas 2021 would see consumers going all-out with their celebrations – with the Christmas dinner table and indulgent, creative food taking centre stage. Consumers were looking for at-home luxury, but at an affordable price point.

So, we created the ‘Easy Squeezy’ campaign that aimed to balance the desire for luxurious food content with budgeting, by creating festive classics ‘dupes’ with a budding chef.


We partnered with Poppy Cooks, a Michelin-trained chef and social media sensation, to help produce ‘dupes’ of festive recipes that are typically expensive and time-consuming. We worked with Poppy to create two ‘easy squeezy’ Christmas-inspired recipes using Primula cheese, in her signature TikTok style, with a post per recipe shared on both her TikTok channel and Instagram Reels.

The content was supported via organic social media content on Primula’s own channels whilst also being hosted on the website and pitched out to press.

@poppycooks (AD) Cheese? Pastry? Is there a more perfect combo in this world? Choux bites with @Primula Cheese 😍🧀 #Primula #Cheese #ChristmasFood ♬ original sound – Poppy O’Toole


Our integrated food PR approach had all the right ingredients, achieving the following results:

  • 24 pieces of coverage
  • 4M+ people reached via press coverage
  • 229K people reached via influencer content

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