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What is Luxury PR?

Luxury PR supports marketing efforts to promote high-price products or services to sought-after luxury consumers. The main difference for this audience is that they’re much more targeted as not everyone can obviously afford luxury items. They’re looking for pure class.

A luxury product needs to stand out against its competitors and justify the difference in pricing. Our team’s expert knowledge is able to deliver content and messages that will make luxury consumers feel like they’ve got exclusive access to your brand.

As a Luxury PR agency, we’ve worked with global brands such as Goldsmiths, Watches of Switzerland, and Carvella. Our team are able to implement integrated PR and marketing campaigns, to communicate your brand story and showcase their products through PR storytelling. This way, we can make meaningful connections with potential customers and turn them into loyal brand advocates.

How is the Luxury Industry Different from Any Other?

PR and marketing strategies for the luxury sector are different from others, as we’re not appealing to the mass audience. This audience is wanting luxury brands to take more of a stance on race, inequality, and the environment. So, it’s even more important than ever to land a consistent theme of brand messages through social media and comms, whether that’s through brand ambassadors or different channels that are going to build a community.

And with trends, such as NFT’s entering the market, plus video-focussed platforms such as TikTok and Instagram also on the rise – there’s an ever-changing online audience. We’ve operated for over 10 years in the PR industry, constantly utilising new channels and trends for clients to empower brand exposure online and offline.

Luxury Brands That Trust Us

Our Approach to Luxury PR

Supercharging social media with clever creatives to target customers

Social media is incredibly useful from a branding point of view, as we can position your luxury brand as an “aspirational” brand.

Through channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and many more – we’re able to build an image of your luxury brand in order to grow a loyal fanbase.

High-quality imagery and video is one of the most effective mediums for advertising luxury products – to present their true value. And with shopping capabilities more enhanced than ever before through online product pages, links, and e-commerce functionalities; it’s even easier for us to generate more sales from social media for your luxury brand.

If you’re managing a luxury hotel, travel, or fashion brand, then we understand the importance of how these operate in differently and our team can show a more personal level to your brand, whilst also building an online community.

Using Paid Social Media Advertising to Lure in Luxury Consumers

The main benefit of paid social media advertising is that we can run campaigns based on a specific budget or criteria. We can support your organic social efforts, by boosting organic social posts and target ads at specific audience types such as interests, ages, locations, and many more demographics.

Through audience insights we’re able to achieve a clearer picture of your audience from engagements, CTR’s, bounce rate, and many more interactions. By knowing your audience inside and out, we can build buyer personas, and create content that will prompt them to purchase. By re-targeting we’re able to catch already engaged users and triggering them to buy or reach people who haven’t interacted with your luxury brand yet – to grow your customer base.

As a luxury brand, your products will already have a high profit margin. Through paid social media advertising from social campaigns, we’re able to make a healthy ROI for your luxury brand.

Using Influencer Marketing to Advocate Luxury Brands

We can inspire your online audience to dream big, as well as buy big. By amplifying your PR campaign by using influencers we’re able to build brand credibility, following, and reach. The luxury sector is a highly competitive market, with many brands having a prominent presence for many years. Through influencer partnerships, we’re able to establish relationships and push customers further down the sales funnel.

By showing a valuable 1-2-1 personal experience, whether its through social media influencers or guest bloggers, we’re able to source the right influencer for your brand in fast-growing digital consumer audience. Forget social following, we take into account engagement, relevancy, and content quality to identify brand ambassadors that are going to connect with your audience.

We will sort everything from influencer sourcing, influencer vetting, campaign strategy to campaign execution we can find an influencer that’s a natural fit for your luxury business. We can also support it with our Paid Social Media Advertising, PR, and social media services for extra campaign amplification.

Visualising a luxury experience like no other

This consumer audience already have the income to purchase, so what’s going to seal the deal? Offering a experience like no other. This can be visualised through video and imagery, especially video a medium, that keeps growing. Research has shown that video marketing will dominate 80% of all internet traffic by 2022, with video-focussed platforms such as TikTok and Instagram surging in traffic every day.

Having a cohesive style and brand story across all platforms gives a brand a “premium” feel. Our video production and PR team, can truly show the elegance of your products through powerful creatives and content – with the added benefit of influencers, social media, press coverage, and advertisements.

Whether it’s short-form videos such as Instagram Reels to grow product exposure by appealing to the algorithm, or long-form such as a case study to showcase the exclusivity of a product, or visuals to run a competition to increase following. We can take your PR campaign to the next level.

Prohibition can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote when you give us a call. We promise that our Luxury PR service can be provided at your convenience and at a cost-effective level.

Taking luxury brands to new levels of class

PR enables your luxury brand to create and maintain a professional, favourable and positive image with an affluent target audience.

Through newsjacking, plus other techniques, we’re able to ensure your brand is a regular on national and regional news outlets. We can also secure coverage on national outlets, and once they pick up the press release, local outlets are more likely pick it up as well, providing even more comprehensive coverage for your luxury business. Outreaching press releases to relevant journalists and media outlets will inevitably accelerate the sales funnel, as your prospective customer already has a reason for buying.

Over the course of 10 years, we’ve build up many connections in the industry with journalists and publications, we know which stories will work and won’t.

Traditional PR, But With a Digital Approach

By running integrated PR campaigns for your luxury brand, we’re able to enhance your organic visibility, as well stand you out against your competitors.

By achieving backlinks through reactive, planned, or proactive online campaigns, we’re able to indicate to Google that your site is trustworthy and provide SEO value. Through traditional PR, which is incredibly powerful for word of mouth, we’re also able to promote events for your luxury brand, such as new store openings or product releases to drive store footfall.

This way, we’re able to integrate both online and offline PR, to achieve global reach for luxury brands!

Luxury Event Launches

Launching a new food range or travel package? You want your product to receive as much positive exposure as possible, so it stands out in the market. We can support from pre-launch and beyond, creating media exclusives and brand exposure through marketing and PR coverage.

We can also drive up hype through social media and paid social media advertising, through clever content we’re able to make your luxury hotel experience more desirable and limited to the select few.

Luxury Online Reputation Management

One bad customer experience and its enough to put a customer off for life – which is even more detrimental if its in the public sphere. This is where we come in, we can manage your online reputation to prevent any PR disasters from happening.

Our team of PR specialists, offer unparalleled access to global expertise and insight across the full spectrum of communications – from media relations and stakeholder engagement to social media strategy and digital advertising.

What You Can Expect From A Luxury PR Campaign With Prohibition PR

With Prohibition PR, we guarantee a results-driven marketing and a PR service for our clients. We’ll bring our arsenal of marketing strategies to get you in front of the consumer and ensure you make the right impression. Whether you need product placement in a national magazine or want to boost your social media following, you can count on us to do whatever is required to get your brand to where it needs to be. In the competitive, cutthroat world of luxury, you’ll need a guide that knows the terrain. So, let us do the work for you.

Luxury PR Consulting & Training

Prohibition PR is a Leeds-based company specialising in Luxury PR and Communications Consulting. Using in-depth plan consultation and development – in addition to creative PR and marketing – we can relaunch your established brand or launch a new brand to the market, helping you reach the top of your industry.

You can focus on crafting your exquisite products while we concern ourselves with turning them into a thriving commercial reality. From VIP relationships and partnership alignments to brand consulting and PR strategy, we provide a range of tailored PR consultancy services. We can help with event strategy, fashion shows, social media development, trend identification, and so much more. You need it, and we’ll get it done.

Other Luxury Sectors We Operate In

Our luxury expertise spans a wide range of sectors, including jewellery, lifestyle, luxury hotels and travel. We can input our knowledge from working with luxury brands and help other household luxury names to build their marketing and PR strategies from scratch.

From press coverage to brand development and more, we’ve delivered results time and time again for our clients. Contact us today!

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