Goldsmiths: Story-telling brand video that drove 1M views & sales

Goldsmiths: Story-telling brand video that drove 1M views & sales
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Luxury high street jewellers Goldsmiths wanted to be positioned as the perfect retail destination for all your gift giving needs at Christmas.

To break through the Christmas ‘noise’ with a story-telling brand video that fits with Goldsmiths YouTube-first strategy. It was imperative that the Goldsmiths brand be featured throughout the film, with shorter edits to drive online sales.


Prohibition focused the campaign on ‘The Gift of Giving’ theme, presenting a film idea that featured three gift-giving scenarios that would appeal to the target audience while evoking emotion and driving brand awareness. Filmed over two days, the production included 15 actors, a 20-strong crew and four locations.


With the addition of a strong music track, we created a feature length edit, plus three shorter ‘story’ edits to be used as True-view YouTube ads and shorter product focused 6-second bumper edits that were utilised as part of the paid social strategy.

An additional campaign photo-shoot and creative content allowed us to create assets and POS that used across various touch-points including social media channels and the Goldsmiths website.


  • To date, the videos have had more than 1.7M views on YouTube alone
  • The paid strategy generated over £1M in total sales – a topline multichannel ROI of £7.94
  • Brand awareness targets over-achieved, influencing 86,000 people from Goldsmiths target audience to gain awareness of Goldsmiths from YouTube alone

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