Watches of Switzerland – Baselworld

Watches of Switzerland – Baselworld

Prohibition was briefed by luxury watch retailer, Watches of Switzerland, to deliver a strategic social media campaign to increase its profile at world-renowned watch trade show, Baselworld 2017, and to be seen as an expert in luxury horology.

WoS needed to be featuring launches and key events from the show – first. So a schedule of more than 20 brand meetings was organised in order to capture the latest news.


To drive conversation a video content plan was produced in collaboration with British GQ. This involved the filming of a live panel debate which took place on two evenings during the show, featuring a number of WoS experts all being interviewed by the GQ Deputy Editor and revealing the day’s biggest releases.


  1. To create a buzz before the event we created exclusive content including animated GIFs and teaser videos.
  2. We partnered with a production company to broadcast an exclusive ‘Facebook Live’ debate in order to reach this new audience.
  3. Following the live broadcasts, a daily highlights video was released which recapped the day’s activity. We built targeted Facebook video view adverts around each highlight video to drive views.


The team attended 22 press events and the content featured 68 watches receiving:

  • 22,313 engagements on posts
  • 12,300 Facebook Live video views
  • 85,246 views of WoS’ Baselworld video content

WoS owned the Baselworld conversation with an average of 363% more content than its competitors and the audience grew substantially with Facebook reaching a milestone of 30,000 followers.

We secured a total of 22,313 engagements and achieved 215,000+ views on video content.


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