Outperforming Autoglym’s competitors through a product launch like no other

Outperforming Autoglym’s competitors through a product launch like no other
YouTube video
YouTube video

Autoglym is the British manufacturer of a range of car care and valeting products sold in more than 45 countries.

We were briefed by the car specialist brand to launch an exciting new product, QuikRefresh, to the highly competitive UK market. QuikRefresh is a completely new innovation in car cleaning, restoring that perfect ‘just washed finish, with no hose, in under 15 minutes.


Product launches are never easy, with new products hitting the market every day. As an extra challenge, we needed to educate car enthusiasts – who can be extremely loyal to their existing processes and favoured products – on the benefits of introducing QuikRefresh to their car cleaning routine.

In phase one, we launched a range of creative content assets, used across social media and web, to bring the new product to life. High quality image and video was shot by our in-house creative team and used to create product, lifestyle and educational assets to give a rounded view of the product.


We knew something so disruptive would have its doubters so we also implemented a social listening programme that helped us understand customer concerns, engage with notable detractors and counteract misinformation.

We used this insight to create a second wave of reactive educational and mythbusting content that reassured consumers on the safety and efficacy of QuikRefresh. We were also able to mine user-generated content that supported the product, to add an extra layer of authenticity to the campaign.

Paid social utilised careful targeting and retargeting to convert users to purchase, driving sales in a measurable and cost-effective way.


Our strategic and creative retail PR approach delivered a product launch like no other, achieving the following results:

  • Reached a relevant audience of more than 1M
  • 10K+ people engaged by liking, commenting, or sharing
  • 2K+ clicks to the website
  • ROAS of 2.3 on paid activity
  • Engagement rate significantly higher than competitors – 9.1% compared to their following competitor at 1%
  • Strong sales performance

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