Yorkshire Water’s taste test

Yorkshire Water’s taste test
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Prohibition was briefed to raise awareness of Yorkshire Water’s ‘plastic free’ pledge amongst consumers and policy makers at the Great Yorkshire Show – an annual agricultural show attended by 130,000 visitors each year. The pledge is aimed at taking one million plastic bottles out of circulation over the next three years, and underlines Yorkshire Water’s environmental commitment.

  • Prohibition came up with a ‘taste test’ campaign; visitors to the Yorkshire Water stand could take part in a ‘blind challenge’ to compare mineral water with Yorkshire tap water, and tell us which they prefer.
  • Over the course of the day, a tally would be kept detailing how many people prefer mineral water, and how many prefer Yorkshire Water.
  • The stand was pre-promoted through social media in the week proceeding the show
  • In addition, visitors were encouraged to bring their refillable water bottles to the show and fill up from the Yorkshire on Tap facility, rather than buying bottled mineral water.
  • All activity was filmed, and was released post-event as an engaging awareness video, presenting the results (which would hopefully be in Yorkshire Water’s favour!) of the taste test challenge, and highlighting the ‘refill’ campaign message. The video was promoted through paid social media advertising in order to reach key audiences.


  • Over the course of the day, Yorkshire Water had thousands of people visit its stand and take part in the taste test
  • In total, 80% of participants said they preferred the taste of Yorkshire Water
  • Plastic bottle use was down at the Show, thanks to Yorkshire Water providing free refills

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