Launching Sealy’s most advanced mattress yet

Launching Sealy’s most advanced mattress yet

Renowned for its quality and innovation, Sealy is known worldwide as being a true expert in sleep. With over 100 years of expertise, the brand’s market-leading beds are available across the UK, stocked in some of the country’s most recognised retailers.

Prohibition was briefed to launch the brand’s new ‘Posturepedic’ range; an innovative and luxurious collection. Unique selling points included its propitiatory sleep technology, developed in the brand’s Australian-based R&D facility. All activity had to be premium, reflecting its ‘top of the market’ positioning.


Prohibition developed a multi-channel campaign to launch the Posturepedic collection, focusing on organic and paid social content, public relations as well as influencer relations.

Social activity was split into two distinct phases. The first was aimed at ‘setting out Sealy’s stall’ and telling its unique brand story through beautifully shot, engaging photography and storytelling.

Central to this was the ‘Sealy People’ content series, which showcased the real-life individuals responsible for manufacturing each mattress, highlighting the care, attention and craftsmanship that goes into each and every product. This initial campaign phase also served to create organic word of mouth around the new range ahead of the launch-proper.

Phase two shifted the messaging to product benefits and reasons to buy, and dug into the unique technology inside each mattress. This dovetailed with the first retailers stocking Posturepedic. Product placement PR activity and a targeted influencer relations campaign focusing on Instagram underpinned this.


Rather than a one-size-fits-all audience approach, we delivered a focused ‘ad layering’ strategy. This involved driving prospects through the sales funnel by re-targeting, from top-level brand messaging to increasingly product, feature and sales-focused content. Messaging was also developed and evolved throughout the campaign in line with where we were receiving maximum engagement.


The campaign – and broader product launch – was deemed highly successful, including;

• Sealy outperforming its competitors’ marketing efforts throughout the launch window
• Relevant audience of 1M+ reached through social alone
• Huge uplift in social media engagement and link clicks
• Tier 1 product-focused media coverage secured in lifestyle/national media
• Major national and independent retailers stocking Posturepedic and getting behind launch

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