Interflora’s best birthday

Interflora’s best birthday

Birthdays…everyone has one, but how to do you get people talking about them, in turn dominating the national conversation? That was the brief from long-standing Prohibition client, Interflora, who wanted to drive awareness of its ‘everyday’ birthday flowers offering.

Our concept centred around the concept that not all birthdays were created equal; surely those born on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve are resigned to having their big day sidelined each and every year?


We decided to find out once and for all and conducted research into the UK’s best and worst birthdays – based on an algorithm, we  pinpointed each to a specific day, based on factors such as proximity to payday, public holidays, and the chance of good weather.

Releasing announcements to the media around the worst day to have a birthday (16th December) and best day (28th July) we secured 146 pieces of radio coverage and 76 pieces of national and regional print coverage and including the Daily Mail online, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, The Sun, Metro online, Daily Mirror online and BBC Radio One. In total, this equated to a circulation of 331 million for print and 355 million opportunities-to-hear for radio.

We also launched a surprise and delight celebration with an unsuspecting Interflora  customer born on the 28th July securing 122,000 video views.

Overall the campaign secured an increase in like-for-like sales of birthday products, and won numerous national PR awards.

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