ENGIE – harmonious progress

ENGIE – harmonious progress
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ENGIE employs 153,090 people worldwide with revenues of €66.6 billion. In the UK its primary function is energy and services, employing 17,000 people across three main activities: Energy, Services & Regeneration.

ENGIE’s Harmony Project was a communications programme designed to bring together innovative and sustainable projects under the same banner, led by the teams of ENGIE and its partners, which are contributing to more harmonious progress, all over the world.

Running globally in the US, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Singapore and Thailand, we were briefed to localise the campaign for domestic markets, focusing on case studies and projects that support the ‘harmonious progress’ positioning in the UK.

We delivered a digital campaign spanning social media and web content, video, and paid amplification, focusing on key projects, case studies, statistics and news that supported the campaign theme. Prohibition’s activities increased ENGIE’s share of voice, engagement, web traffic and brought Harmonious Progress to life in the UK.

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