Northumbria University – take on tomorrow

Northumbria University – take on tomorrow


Northumbria University briefed Prohibition to develop a university-wide comprehensive social media strategy for the multicultural learning community that would join the dots between marketing, and the 30,000 students, 500 study programmes, and hundreds of academics and stakeholders across its two campuses. The activity was part of Northumbria’s drive to become a top-30 university in the UK.


Prohibition’s activity spanned a number of distinct phases, including a thorough analysis of the University’s current social media activities through a programme of social media listening. This included academics, partners and individual departments, numbering more than 200 channels, as well as understanding the narratives surrounding the establishment.

The brief’s final phase saw Prohibition developing a university-wide social media strategy, which was delivered through a series of workshops and face-to-face training sessions with key stakeholders.



Northumbria University has adopted Prohibition’s social media strategy, and is currently rolling out the programme in a phased approach. Its content and channel strategy has already been overhauled, with successful results.


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