Kith & Kin – The Community Kitchen

Kith & Kin – The Community Kitchen

Arc Inspirations Leisure Group, briefed Prohibition to carry out a PR campaign to launch its new concept bar, Kith and Kin (meaning Family and Friends). With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, and a commitment to the local community in which it is based.

To give it market standout, and ensure it genuinely stood for something meaningful, Prohibition developed the concept of ‘local growers’. However, it choose to take this to the extreme; each month, the specials in the bar would be sourced entirely from the local allotments, back gardens and window sills of growers in the surrounding suburb. Anyone contributing produce would receive a discount at the bar. This was supported with photo calls in a local community allotment, and gorilla activity using a vintage tractor.

Forget locally sourced, it’s all about “super locally” sourced with new Arc Inspirations bar


  • Prohibition generated 18 pieces of media coverage for the bar pre-launch
  • Launch night was oversubscribed a week in advance
  • The specials concept sells well and remains a monthly fixture, two year after launch


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