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We’re not just a Food & Drink PR agency – Prohibition is a digital agency, a creative agency, and a social media agency – all rolled harmoniously into one.
We work with clients including hotels, restaurants, pubs, breweries, wineries, distilleries, wine merchants and manufacturers.

The sector resonates with us; we understand this market is an area where the perfect mix of ingredients makes all of the difference. Food & Hospitality industry PR is not just about promoting products – it’s about creating connections between people, brands and places. It’s about building stronger communities around cuisine. It’s a social package that requires time, thought, and creativity.

We combine our specialist knowledge of the food and drink market with our tried and tested PR services and marketing skills, working with clients from across the entire food and drink sector, including major international food/drink brands and specialist producers, all hungry for a shared voice in the dynamic ever-changing media landscape.

We’re a multi-award winning integrated agency

We’re a PR week top 150 agency

We rank as a Prolific North top 15 agency

We have won more than 26 awards at the annual CIPR Awards.

The Right Ingredients

Cultivating and maintaining a positive reputation is essential to every company’s survival and evolution. No matter the industry, companies and brands must position themselves carefully in the public spotlight if they want to succeed with their audiences and tight profit margins.

Exceed expectations, delivering high-quality work within tight deadlines and budget constraints. We guarantee measurable results that will always exceed your expectations. Clients’ credible testimonials attest to our ability to deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines and budgetary constraints. We try to always ensure every deliverable has a quantifiable return on your investment by adhering to specific quality control measures.

Distinctly Different, our insight-led approach means we work closely with our clients to understand what they want to achieve before developing creative concepts that capture attention and start conversations. From national press coverage to influencer campaigns, we keep our approach fresh and help our clients reach new audiences.


Our comprehensive brand-building strategies ensure we collaborate with our clients to develop clever stories that resonate well with consumers and build brand affinity. Our data-driven campaigns help clients meet their business goals and beat their bottom-line targets. At Prohibition, we help our clients achieve their communication goals by effectively targeting consumers and creating campaigns that grab attention cleverly.

This includes developing effective campaigns, managing crisis communications, creating brand strategy documents, media planning, buying and social media marketing. Enthusiastic and highly trained in their craft, our team members include food writers, journalists, photographers, social media specialists, account managers, designers, video producers and specialist videographers.

We’re a multi-award winning integrated agency

Hotel Industry and Hospitality PR

If you own a restaurant, you’ll understand the importance and benefits of great branding, brand development and public relations. Your reputation is what gets customers through the door, and once there, it’s up to the food to make them return time after time.

Enriching people’s lives and bringing a smile to their faces are the cornerstones of our philosophy here at Prohibition. We want to make your customers feel good about eating, drinking and life’s pleasures and then encourage them to share their experiences with their friends and family.

Food & Drink Brands PR

We specialise in food and drink brands, publicity and guaranteeing our campaign results as part of our brand publicity services. Prohibition PR has a reputation for delivering effective campaigns, we offer advice that produces fantastic results. If you want to see your brand development gain exposure through publicity, we’re the company to talk to!

As part of our comprehensive service, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and objectives. We help them find new ways to connect with their customers and use our expertise and experience to develop creative solutions that deliver tangible results.

We are experts in food & drink PR

Food Industry PR

From our food PR experts’ unparalleled understanding of the hospitality industry, we promote products effectively with retailers and manufacturers to reach consumers effectively using various marketing techniques, including social media, radio and digital advertising. We also provide ongoing marketing support and guidance throughout the entire campaign. In addition, we are always looking for new and unique opportunities to expand our food drink PR services and grow your customer base.

Food And Restaurant Pr Service You Can Trust

With so many foods and drinks brands to choose from nowadays, foodPR teams are forced to go that extra mile to ensure their product launches are noticed and stand out from competitive brands.

Prohibition goes beyond traditional PR. Your account manager will offer advice, assist you and coordinate press relations, social media management, public relations strategy, crisis communications, reputation management, influencer marketing, event management, digital marketing, and creative design. In essence, we are your new in-house team, marketing director and partner but we are also externally providing you with an outside independent perspective.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

What we’re good at

Enthusiastic and creative, the team at Prohibition is rapidly growing to be the preferred choice for businesses needing food drink PR, social media and digital marketing services. Prohibition’s dedicated professionals try to ensure we exceed expectations with their superior results.

Are you pressed for time? We know that running your business or marketing team can be demanding and that you need access to specialist food and drink PR or hospitality industry guidance that can deliver high-quality work on time and within budget. Our team works closely with you to understand your objectives and deliver the best possible solutions to your brief. We pride ourselves on providing an integrated service that covers all aspects of public relations.

Why you need us


We have strong FMCG experience and knowledge


We have strong contacts in the OOH/food service space


We understand the sector – as we already work with market leading brands


We will always secure you an excellent Return on Investment (ROI)


We will make you stand out in a crowded market


We will maximize your new product launches


We will provide a new outside perspective and objectivity


We will deliver award-winning work – just look at our track record

Understanding Consumer Taste

The secret to a successful food & drink business is the perfect PR agency. Finding the right one can be the difference between success and failure.

Prohibition 360 strategy research acts as a benchmark from which we build the strongest brand equity possible. From an external perspective, we identify, listen to, research and report on the most important social channels, the perceptions and sentiments of your brand, and products and undertake competitor analysis for actional insights. In other words, we can identify issues and opportunities for your brand today.

With so many competitors, you need to be seen by the right people to stand out from the crowd – Prohibition PR understands how to convert insight into messaging that resonates with your target market.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Brand Building, Boosting Visibility & Awareness

Do you wish your food or drink brand was in the spotlight? We are specialists in brand refreshes and messaging analysis and launching new products into the world, increasing awareness of your brand and supporting overall sales growth.

The secret to successful food, drink and restaurant PR campaigns is understanding an audience and devising a tailored integrated strategy that gets people talking whether that is in the trade press, consumer media or social chatter.

We study your target demographics and determine how best to tell your stories, so your brand and consumer connect.

Our extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the food and drinks industry, combined with our ability to devise creative integrated campaigns, is the perfect recipe for your success.

What our clients say about us

Prohibition consistently go above and beyond. Their activity is rooted in great creative ideas, while firmly focused on driving an ROI.

Stephanie James
Head of Marketing, The Light (a Savills leisure scheme)

Prohibition has delivered some outstanding creative campaigns. I have been consistently impressed with the agency’s ability to deliver ambitious and wide-ranging campaign activity, that taps into wider issues.

Holly Housby
Marketing Controller, Sealy UK (part of Silentnight Group)

Prohibition are great. They just get it. Their integrated approach, spanning content creation, public relations and social media forms a great synergy with the sophisticated and commercial focus of my marketing team.

Karen Woodhead
Global Marketing Director, Smoothwall

Marketing Support

Our entire food drink PR team is spearheaded by expert marketing director strategists and specialists who are well-versed in brand positioning, design, tone of voice development and creative communications strategies.

Having created award-winning marketing campaigns for various businesses, Prohibition differentiates your brand from the market, drives sales, builds loyalty, accelerates your business growth and helps develop long-term brand visibility.

Prohibition offers a multi-faceted solution to help your brand succeed from the initial marketing plan development and execution for the entire life-cycle of your campaign, the development of your brand communication to traditional and digital food and drink public relations services.

Public Relations

Creating Memorable Campaigns Footfall And Hype

Prohibition is packed with creative thinkers and strategic planners. We’ve worked with major food and drink brands for more than 10 years to raise their profile in specific trade titles and lead consumer-facing campaigns.

We engage with those with a shared interest in your products and brand by utilising a carefully targeted approach. As a leading communications agency, we device strategies that will get you heard and position you at the forefront of your sector. From media liaison to the development of consumer-facing campaigns, from video development to optimised blog and press releases, we’ll help you engage your customers with compelling content and drive positive brand chatter.

Fire Up Your Product Launch

With an impressive guest list under our belt, we ensure that you get the right people attending your VIP launch and that the event goes off without a hitch. From helping to design and issue invitations to sourcing external suppliers and managing press relations – we have all the skills you need to make the best first impression on the hospitality scene.

We are available to manage the event on the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your guests leave impressed.

Creating Magic For Premium Brands

With so many luxury food and drinks brands competing for customers’ attention, it’s vital to create a lasting impression for your brand if you want to increase your market share. The perception you convey to your consumers is crucial to your success in the luxury business.

Cultivating brand loyalty amongst luxury products requires careful attention to the journey the product takes from the time it is conceived to the time it sells. A luxury product must be talked about or described to reflect its status. Additionally, while timing, brand perception and messaging may seem inconsequential, they are absolutely everything.

Prohobition’s secret to success lies in understanding the media landscape to devise unique strategies that produce killer content, land your brands where it matters most, and drive engagement through blogs, social media, video and food drink PR campaigns that resonate with your consumers or B2B audiences.

Creative Communications agency

Media Relations

At Prohibition, we firmly believe that a strong media relations strategy is worth its weight in gold – something that gives us immense pride as experts in media relations and PR.

Our team of experienced food writers and journalists has in-depth knowledge of what the media wants and how they want it written. We’re skilled in the creation of compelling press releases, inspiring thought leadership articles, technical opinion pieces and topical comments, all of which position your company as industry experts in target publications.

We are well-versed in creating compelling press releases, inspiring thought leadership articles, technical opinion pieces and topical comments to position your team as industry experts in target publications.


As part of our tailored influencer outreach service, Prohibition utilises tried and tested influencer mapping process and our experience launching award-winning influencer marketing campaigns to help you work with influencers in a manner that delivers tangible business results.

We work with you to enable influencer partnerships that build stronger relationships with your target audience. Whether that’s mapping out the right influencer partners to work with, coming up with compelling campaigns which will make your brand stand out from the crowd, or securing long term ambassadors that are perfect for your business, we enable influencer partnerships that build stronger relationships with your target audience. We utilise data-driven insight and over ten years of experience working closely with some of the UK’s leading consumer and B2B brands.

Social media management

With so many potential customers using social media every day, your bar or restaurant cannot afford to neglect the power of these popular platforms. Not only is social media an excellent platform for spreading news about your bar or restaurant food experiences, but it can also be utilised to promote your special promotions, events and other exciting offers.

Precise and purposeful social media platforms are the backbone of our campaigns. We deliver the right messages to the right people through multiple channels and incite action through stellar storytelling and strategic influencer engagement. – Prohibition PR will find the angle, tailor the story, and inspire action.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Providing Comfort In A Crisis

Nobody likes to see their name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Should a crisis occur that needs addressing by the media, we’re here to help. Providing professional consultancy services in crisis management and expert handling of complex media enquiries, we can look after your best interests and business interests at all times and in all circumstances.

Handling a potential crisis is our speciality. We help ensure that negative press doesn’t have a detrimental impact on your brand to keep business booming.

Utilising our extensive experience in handling potential crises, our specialist team is on hand to help mitigate any negative press, which ensures that business booms. We run crisis simulations and media training workshops to give you the skills to be ‘interview ready’.

Managing your online reputation

Cultivating a brand reputation marketing campaign can enhance a company’s image and generate positive publicity about a company and its brand. A brand reputation marketing campaign can fend off the damaging effects of negative publicity on online reputation. Prohibition PR manages reputations with multiple stakeholders and reaches your goals through authentic connections with the right audience. We write compelling stories for media campaigns that engage and influence your target audience.

Distinctly different, Prohibition PR offers unparalleled access to global expertise and insight across the full spectrum of communications – from media relations and stakeholder engagement to social media strategy and digital advertising. We combine this with consumer understanding to mastermind creative solutions to real challenges. Prohibition PR provides you with cutting edge reputation management services. You can rely on us for all aspects of reputation management, from SEO to social media content creation and more.

Create, Connect And Communicate

Precise and perceptive is how we approach to content & communication. We dig into your business to find the story that’s never been told before.

We craft relevant, engaging and informative content that’s easy to consume and won’t bore your customers. We never bite off more than we can chew, but we will create content so your audience can get their teeth and whet their appetites for more.

Why Choose Prohibition

Prohibition PR is a team of experts at shaping and communicating our clients’ stories to the right audience at the right time. – we find the angle, tailor your story, and inspire action.

Our expertise spans the complete communications spectrum with rich media and digital knowledge from media relations and stakeholder engagement to social media strategy and digital advertising; consumer thinking to mastermind solutions to real challenges.

In-depth knowledge & Research

With so many foods and beverage companies competing for customers’ attention, it’s more important than ever that companies make a strong brand with impactful messaging and a clear purpose.

Prohibition PR’s food drink, restaurant and hospitality market knowledge means that whatever our clients are after, our industry expertise helps us generate maximum coverage instead of wasting valuable time getting acquainted with a particular category or brand. Our strong contacts in drinks media also help to make it possible.

The secret to success comes from understanding your customers and being creative in your approach. From food and drink PR to drive awareness and trust to social media management to increase engagement and digital marketing to drive website traffic and enquiries, we can do it all or work with in-house teams to deliver a tailored brand experience across all marketing & PR disciplines.

Successful Campaigns

From our experience working with small independent food and drink companies to household names that have been around for decades and everything in between, our food, drink & hospitality/restaurant PR team has collaborated with fast-growing supermarket chains and national food and drink membership organisations on innovative digital and traditional PR strategies.

How we work

As part of our comprehensive marketing plan, we’ll start by understanding your specific challenges and objectives before researching your target market – who they are, how they digest their information, what events they go to, and what they read or watch.

We are proud of the long-standing relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers across various industries. Our team is skilled at identifying opportunities to put our clients into the spotlight. Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do.

We will discuss all campaigns with you, your stakeholders and customers, building personas and devise a messaging matrix before developing hard-hitting campaign ideas to achieve maximum effect. We’ll also provide media training to make sure you are prepared for every interview and press conference.

Contact Us Today

The secret to getting the media’s attention? Prohibition PR knows how to do it! We are experts at getting stories placed in the media that drive your marketing efforts and sales upward. With experience crafting messages that resonate with the masses, Prohibition PR knows how to get you noticed.

We have the expertise needed to help your company achieve its commercial objectives as a retailer or manufacturer. Our experience in the food and drink PR arena ensures that we reach your target audience and position your product as an industry leader.

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