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Here at Prohibition we understand just how much a viral video can do

Seeding videosHere at Prohibition we understand just how much a viral video can do for your brand in terms of generating online buzz and awareness. Just look at Old Spice or Bodyform. But we also know that without the right seeding strategy, even the best video can sink without a trace, wasting thousands of pounds.

That’s where our award-winning expertise comes in.

Using our extensive network of bloggers, online influencers and social networks – as well as lots of elbow grease – we will make sure your video is talked about and shared by the right people, and more importantly, watched in the thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands by consumers.

Video Seeding CampaignWe also go beyond simply generating views, aiming to secure online news and blog articles amongst the most influential people in your sector, giving you those oh-so-tasty backlinks.

And when it comes to reporting, we don’t just give you a number. We look more holistically at a campaign: how has it impacted your market share of voice, who have we reached, what value has it added to your SEO.

Oh, and we’ve done this a lot of times. Just check out our case study on Football Flick Urban. That means we know what we’re doing and we’ve got some fantastic case studies we can share with you. But don’t listen to us, this is what our client says:

We originally got Prohibition in to Audio-Technica to evaluate our use of social media a few years ago and since then we have been using the team to help advise us on the best approaches for our digital marketing campaigns and our social media marketing.

Harvey Roberts, Senior Marketing Manager, Audio-Technica

So if you think that we could help your business with video seeding then get in contact today or feel free to call us on 0113 320 4583.

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