13 Jul 2018

When should I seek social media coverage for my start-up?

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13 Jul 2018

Your start-up can seek media coverage when you launch. This can be when you do either a full, or an open beta, launch, never both, unless the completed version is altered in a significant way. Often, the media will take the underdog or novelty perspective to talk about the fun new start-up.

The start-up gets exposure to investors and potential users in return.
You can also seek social media coverage when you make a profit. In the media’s eyes, making a profit represents success, compared to receiving investment. People start viewing your company as more of a competitor, and less like a wild card when they see the profits your company is making. So, don’t be scared to let the world know about your hard earned gains.

Your brand will also benefit from social coverage when you receive investment. Sending out information about your investment is less likely to attract customers but will expose your company to potential future investors. Media outlets whose focus is in finance sectors and start-ups are more likely to pick up this news. The story, if significant or quirky enough, might also spark the interest of the mainstream media, if the investment runs into eight-digit figures. Make sure the investment deal is sealed, though, before sending out any info about it, because your prospective investors might see it.

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