28 Sep 2018

When and where is PR most effective?

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28 Sep 2018

Recognising PR opportunities will help you reach your target audience more effectively. The timing of PR opportunities won’t always be in your control, which is why it’s essential to plan. Study the type of audience you want to reach; their geographical location, what they read, forums they subscribe to, the publications they favour, and what kind of stories are covered.

While opportunities may present themselves at certain intervals, your business can create its own opportunities for PR strategies. These include new product launches, the appointment of new staff, key promotions, events and milestones – all of which are great for brand awareness. Being part of activities that promote your industry will also add to your company’s profile. For instance, you can get involved in media and influencer relations that will benefit your brand.

PR is most effective when there is proper planning and strategising involved, which takes into consideration customer profile and business goals. Once these are correctly aligned, then your PR strategy has a sense of direction.

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