13 Jul 2018

What social media skills do I need to have to grow my brand?

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13 Jul 2018

Not having the necessary social media skills means you will likely fail at creating content that will convert a casual audience to loyal customers. Your social media marketing can only be successful when you have the following skills:

Content Writing And Curation Skills
It takes producing more than a dozen posts every day to establish a presence on social media, and make your brand recognisable. You should be aware that you need different writing styles for different social networks. While it’s perfect to use a professional tone if the article is intended for LinkedIn, that may not work on Facebook. You need to know how to create content that applies to each social network, and that will also resonate with the users of all those networks. Headlines should be short and effective, with captivating introductions, and the main body of text should be easy to read. Numbering, subtitling, and using bullet points, will make it easier for consumers to scan the text for what they need.

Businesses that aren’t consistent in creating content on their own, due to lack of time, should be skilled at content curation. This will help them know exactly when to share content, what content to share, and how to share it. It’s essential that the content contains information that the audience will find appealing, and be interested to read.

SEO Knowledge
The content you post on your social media channels should be optimised for SEO. When your social media strategy incorporates SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you will be able to reach a broader audience, which means more potential customers for your business. Search engines will be able to quickly index your website if the content on it is optimised. The indexed information that search engines pull from websites is used to provide searchers with the results that are most relevant to their search terms.

Your web pages can achieve higher rankings on search engine result pages by having URLs that are more search engine friendly, and which are also relevant to the content. Your website should have logical and clear navigation, fast loading pages, proper internal linking, and make use of Sitemaps. Also, ensure that your site is spam free, the comment section should not contain spam comments. For your content to appear in SERPs, you have to produce content more often. Try to make your content as concise as possible, no matter the length — don’t pad it out with irrelevant details. Valuable content remains the top priority when it comes to driving more traffic to your site.

Analytical Skills
It’s essential that you develop the skills to track your social media analytics so that you will be able to evaluate your progress and figure out what’s working and not working. Knowing this will save you a lot of time so that you won’t be wasting time on pointless activities. You will find the type of content that resonates more with your audience and focus more on that as a result.

Tools like Google Analytics can help you track your engagement rates, page views, and the active period of your audience. Social media channels, like Facebook, also allow you to check your analytics directly. If you want to stand out on social media, you have to be able to analyse your audience. Your company still exists because of your audience. You have to post content that they think is amazing, what’s remarkable to you might not be impressive to them. Listen to your audience, use surveys, and look for trends to find out what they would like next.

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