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05 Jun '13

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What online PR campaigns can teach us about measurement and ROI

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07 Dec '10

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Businesses using social media in the Yorkshire region – updated statistics

In November a good friend of mine Charlotte Britton, conducted a survey with businesses in Yorkshire to find out how companies in the region were utilising social media marketing. One of the most interesting statistics I noticed was that 75% said social media had been responsible for creating positive PR about the company and 40% …Read More

04 Nov '10

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Prohibition PR launches online word-of-mouth campaign for the alternative xmas tune

It’s been a busy few months over in the Prohibition caves, we have scooped a number of new social media accounts and we also have a few new team members who will be revealing themselves to you shortly I expect. I don’t normally cover that many case studies on the blog but I decided recently …Read More