Making sure your business blog delivers results

Business blogging is now firmly wedged in the consciousness of any self-respecting business. Organisations of all sizes are increasingly heading online to share their thoughts about everything from product development to industry commentary and expert-advice. While this enthusiasm is admirable, simply writing content and hoping people will come to your site isn’t enough anymore, especially …Read More

22 Jan '13

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The closure of LinkedIn Answers closure could drive people away from the site.

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07 Feb '11

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Quora – The Ultimate Q&A Site?

Just a couple of months ago, few people had heard of Quora, the suddenly very fashionable social question and answer site. Founded back in 2009 by Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, traffic to the the site suddenly exploded around Christmas and it now has comfortably in excess of 500,000 registered users. The premise behind Quora …Read More