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3 Dos and 3 Dont’s Of Guest Blogging

By now, most bloggers understand how important guest blogging is to the success of your websites. Gust blogging can bring you extra visitors, give you more coverage, and can give you the chance to get to know some of the biggest names in your niche.

There are however some very important dos and dont’s to consider when you guest blog, in order to ensure you get the most from your efforts, whilst not treading on any toes.  Here are my top three things to do, and top three things to avoid when you get your shot at guest blogging.

Don’t – Forget to leave a link

One of the best things about guest blogging is that it gives you the chance to pick up a ton of new readers and subscribers along the way. Providing a post full of good value and interesting content is sure to entice people to find out more about you and your site. Make sure you remember to add a link to your site so people can come and read more of their content.
Ignoring the opportunity to leave a link on a guest post is like leaving money on the table!

Don’t – Overdo the links

Whilst it is widely accepted for you to leave one, or even two links at the end of your guest post, what you should avoid is leaving too many links. Including links to every one of your 12 blogs at the end of your guest post is the fastest way to turn off readers, and will probably ensure you never get the opportunity to guest blog for that site again.

The blogging community is pretty close knit, and the Internet makes it very easy for a bad reputation to spread very quickly.

Don’t – Count out the little guys

It can be great networking with some of the major sites and bloggers of the world, and they can bring you a heap of new subscribers. However, do not pass up on the chance to guest post on a smaller site or blog, as these sites can grow very quickly.

Every site starts with a small audience, and if you are on board at the start, you’ll benefit when they make it big.

Do – Provide quality content

Nothing will hurt your blogging career more than trashing another persons site. Making guest posts that are purely promotional, and carry no substance or benefit to the reader will do your rep no good at all.
Ensure that when making a guest post you provide the highest possible quality of information. This is a chance to showcase your talent to a new audience so make the most of it. Most importantly remember to treat other’s sites as you would want them to treat yours. Here’s a look at how one blogger goes about finding quality guest bloggers (click here)

Do – Take the chance to network

When you guest blog, don’t simply post and forget about it. There is a good chance people will comment on what you have written, and this gives you a great chance to reach out to, and meet new people in your niche. Ignoring what others have to say about your post shows a lack of respect, and remember blogging is all about being social.

Do – Enjoy yourself

Although you are writing for someone else don’t let the pressure get to you. Write as you would for your own site and try not to concern yourself too much with things like, “Will they like me?, What if nobody comments on this?” etc.

They are things you can’t control and often nerves will inhibit your ability to create. Guest blogging is highly effective, great for networking, and a whole lot of fun. Don’t forget, enjoy the process, stay professional, and reap the rewards.

This was a post by Lior who works for Kitchen Stools Direct, a bar stools and kitchen stools ecommerce store.

How To Use Social Media For Your PR Pitch

Social media is everywhere and it’s the fastest way to share information, making it the ideal tool for PR pitching. There is so much information on the Web and shared through social media that journalists and bloggers really don’t have to go far for story ideas. This makes it harder for new businesses because they are constantly fighting for attention. We learned that very well at Kitchen Stools Direct.

While Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the top social networks, it’s still important to stay up on social media trends and any new social sites that emerge. You can use these new tools to your advantage along with the following tips.

Do Your Research

With search tools like Google, Bing and Yahoo it is very easy to look up the top journalists and bloggers in your industry. A quick search is sure to bring up their social profiles as well as a personal blog or website. The information you find here is important because you’ll be using it to build up a relationship with that person before pitching. You’ll want to keep an eye on their activity so you’ll know what interests them. It will also help you come up with the best way to approach them for your PR pitch.

Connect and Interact

Once you see where they like to hang out and are most active, connect with them by following, adding them as a friend and subscribing to their content. Don’t just stop there though; it’s important to actually read what they’re sharing and interact with them. You can retweet a few of their posts that you find interesting, comment on the content they share on Facebook and leave insightful comments on their blog posts.

Add Other Methods to the Mix

Don’t just stop there. While you’re building a relationship with your prospect, you can still use other online tools to submit press releases and articles. You can also use your own personal blog for free promotion and then share all of those things on your own social media profiles. Hopefully by now you’ve built up a decent following in order to help spread the word. A quick search will help you find a ton of social media tools online for preparing a great PR pitch, that you can use for free.

Make the Pitch

After a couple weeks of genuine interaction, it’s time to go for the goal. Think of a clever way to make your pitch. You could send a tweet or leave a Facebook wall post letting them know that you have some information that might interest them. Try to find a post of theirs that you can respond to asking for permission to share similar information with them. Be polite and don’t expect anything in return, that way you won’t be disappointed if they decline or don’t response back.

If you’ve done your job right, they’ll recognise your name from retweets, Facebook comments and blog comments. So you won’t be a stranger to them and they’ll be more than happy to listen to what you have to say. Just remember, the relationship building process is the most important thing about using social media for your PR pitch. Take on a few prospects at a time and go from there. Before you know it you’ll have a contact list full of great connections and your next PR pitch will be much easier and smoother.

This was a post written and kindly sent to us by Lior Levin who is an advisor to a bar stools and kitchen stools website called Kitchen Stools Direct.

Prohibition PR launches online word-of-mouth campaign for the alternative xmas tune

It’s been a busy few months over in the Prohibition caves, we have scooped a number of new social media accounts and we also have a few new team members who

will be revealing themselves to you shortly I expect.

I don’t normally cover that many case studies on the blog but I decided recently that I am going to try and do more of this. This is mainly because when I have been speaking at events, people really seem to prick up and listen more at the case study section. I think most people prefer to here about practical application rather than the theoretical side.

So here goes – one of the online word-of-mouth marketing campaigns that has got us really excited has been the launch of Audio Technica’s search for an alternative Christmas Track. Here’s some campaign blurb we have written to put you in the picture:

The popular music manufacturer is looking for fun and vibrant YouTube video entries from the underground music scene that put a positive new spin on the age old tradition of Christmas carols.

The nationwide competition, which is being judged by Grammy & Brit award-winning record producer and chairman of the Music Producers Guild Steve Levine, is being formally launched via Audio-Technica’s social media channels of Facebook and Twitter.

The online competition is not restricted to any particular type of music so bands, DJs or music producers from any genre have the opportunity of scooping either the top prize of £500 or five runners-up prizes of £100 worth of Audio-Technica equipment. As an extra incentive the first 100 entries will all receive a free pair of Audio-Technica ATH-CK51 headphones worth £30 each.

image We launched this particular campaign last week and we have already had some brilliant entries and posts from influential bloggers in this area. To bring it to life I have enclosed one of the video entries for you to take a look at – it’s quite amusing although I do admit if feels weird writing about Christmas already.

This campaign has come about because we held a strategic social media workshop with Audio-Technica a while back now and from that workshop we drew up a clear strategy to help them become more fun and engaging online. I think this campaign is a great way of doing this, as it allows musicians to express themselves using their own user generated content.

The campaign I have highlight here is just one we are working with them on. We are also helping Audio-Technica with some blogger relations and have a number of new campaigns to tell you about later. To help bring blogger relations to life I thought I would share a quick post from one of the product reviews we have organised recently to give you a flavour.

The great thing about Audio-Technica is it produces really good quality products that are right down my street and if you have good products, then your customers or bloggers should say nice things about them and if they don’t then you can use that feedback to make the products better. Don’t be scared to ask bloggers, or any influencer for that matter, their opinion.

To stay in touch with the latest entries, just subscribe to Audio-Technica’s YouTube channel here.

So that’s enough about the campaign, if you can play a musical instrument, why don’t you have a go and get yourself a free pair of headphones? You never know it could even be fun!