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Content Marketing Services
Only a few years ago blogs were used as online diaries and rarely utilised for their huge search engine and online PR benefits. In the past few years that has all changed as blogs are much more widely used as a way of bringing a human voice to a business or brand.

Today the online marketplace is full of conversations, and a business or corporate blog is a very personalised piece of communication to help you reach out to your customers.

At Prohibition we have been blogging for several years and have been helping clients to do it for a long time too. Our managing director Chris Norton’s blog is listed in the top 100 PR blogs in the world and he has been writing about their benefits for longer than he can remember.

Whether you are new to the blogger-sphere or you are wanting to breathe live into your corporate blog, we can help you reach out and converse with your customers, employees and stakeholders in a very personal way, you should certainly consider adding a blog to your website.

Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging can help you and your business to:

  • Bring A Human Face On Your Business
  • Position you or your business as a thought leader
  • Boost Your Business And Profits
  • Communicate directly to your potential customers
  • Increase Your Visibility And Search Engine Rankings
  • Increase Your Brand’s Reach And Influence
  • Reach Out To Potential Customers And Stakeholders
  • Communicate quickly and effectively even in a crisis
  • Enhance Your Business Reputation

It is true that blogging can achieve all of these things but to do so it must be executed properly, for it to deliver the maximum return on investment in both time and money.

Blog Article Writing

If you know you should be writing regularly on your blog but you don’t have the time, you can hire us for our specialist blogging skills and we will help you with your content strategy. Our team of dedicated copywriters will help you get the maximum benefits for the least amount of finance. This is about being clever not about being extravagant.

At Prohibition we have many years of experience teaching marketing teams, entrepreneurs and businesses how to start a blog. We have extensive experience in publishing and promoting business blogs and we are often interviewed about our thoughts on the subject.

If you are interested in having a blog created for your website, feel free to contact us and we will talk you the process.

Crisis and Issues Management

Occasionally an unavoidable event occurs, which may impact on a business’s reputation or share price and these issues need to be managed effectively by an agency you can trust.

With the increasing influence of social media it doesn’t take long for a mini crisis to become a major catastrophe thanks to the real-time nature of the likes of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and of course Facebook. Consequently, businesses need to protect themselves 365 days a year across all types of media.

Here at Prohibition, we can put together a comprehensive crisis management strategy as it’s vital to always be prepared. After all, choosing to ignore a situation will do your reputation more harm than good. As a crisis management specialist we use our knowledge, experience and expertise to reduce the effect a crisis can have on your brand. Not only will we help spot a potential crisis in advance but we will also limit any fall outs, if they should occur.

Our managing director Chris Norton is one of the most respected crisis management specialists in the country, he is a member of the CIPR committee, a part-time lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University and co-authored e a chapter on Online Crisis Management for the official CIPR’s Social Media Handbook Share This Too.

“We hired Prohibition to advise us on strategic social media programmes for our clients and they have been helping us for a number of years now. I have been delighted with the service we receive as the team are always available and they aren’t afraid to offer us advice on the latest technologies. I would recommend them to anyone if they were looking for a creative outfit that wanted tangible results from their social media marketing”.Iain Forrest, Managing Director, Wynyard-Consultants

Why Prohibition?

  • Currently shortlisted as being Yorkshire’s Outstanding Consultancy and previous winners of Best Use of Social Media and Best Use of Digital Awards.
  • Focused team of A-Players – thought leaders, award winners and among the best in the game
  •  True on and offline integrated approach – drives business results and get your marketing budget working hard for you
  • Challenging thinking – traditional PR backgrounds with digital mindsets that go against the status quo. Not just a pack of yes-men
  • Campaigns delivering tangible business change: sales, traffic, share of voice and footfall – not just a press coverage booklet at the end of the month
  • Genuine, deep digital expertise combined with award winning public relations and communication backgrounds

If you need help with the crisis planning process, give us a call on 0113 430 4160 or visit our contact us page.

Media Relations Campaigns
Prohibition’s roots as an integrated communications consultancy are long founded in delivering high level strategic media relations campaigns for our clients.

At Prohibition we take media relations extremely seriously because we want to guarantee our clients are happy with our service every time. Our team is deeply passionate about media relations, aiming to elevate our clients’ brands and reputation in the hearts and minds of their stakeholders and customers.

Our PR activity is focused on all levels including regional, national, international and of course to more industry specific media. Our hand-picked team of skilled PR practitioners and freelance journalists have the experience of dealing with the entire range of media including newspapers, radio, TV and now social media.

In short, we know what makes a good story and we can build awareness and a strong reputation on the back of that story. We don’t just write press releases – we are a national agency that secures coverage in the national newspapers.

As a team we are committed to delivering a high quality service and are always looking at ways to improve a client’s effectiveness in the media.

Our award-winning managing director, currently teaches on the PR Degree in Leeds and also acts as the social media coordinator for Chartered Institute of Public Relations this is because we are committed to improving and delivering impeccable service.

Media Training
Prohibition works closely with all of its clients to maximise the volume and quality of media exposure, but we don’t just take ‘a client to water’, we do the drinking for them too.

Not sure what we mean? We make sure that when the hard work has been done to secure an interview opportunity, your spokespeople are properly prepared for anything that’s thrown at them in front of the camera or in the radio studio or at the mercy of a journalist’s dictaphone.

At Prohibition, we have the contacts for preparing you for that brief spell in the limelight. So come on, get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.

SEO Advice and Reports
Are you looking for your company or client to appear at the top of Google searches?

As an online PR specialist, we know that to do this you need to be writing good quality content and including essential keywords and phrases that make it easier for the search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, to match potential customers to your product or service. Research has shown that if you are in the top three of Google searches you can increase your revenue by up to 40%.

Maybe you should consider tweaking your web copy and content and instead of being part of the noise become the driver of conversations.

At Prohibition we have a proven track record in analysing websites effectively and providing detailed SEO reports with the key points that make the difference. Our reports include key recommendations on how to get more online traffic and we use these skills to ensure you get the maximum from your marketing activities. More than that though – we can make the difference both on and offline so you don’t spend your budget twice. Call us today on 0113 430 4160 and ask us for a quote.

Social Media Marketing

Prohibition, which won the CIPR’s Outstanding Small Consultancy in December 2015, is a specialist integrated PR agency, based in Yorkshire. Our award-winning team advises brands of all size how to connect with the people that matter most to them through online conversation and community engagement. That might involve delivering a blogger relations campaign, building a cool engaging app, creating an online community from scratch or tracking tens of thousands of online conversations. Whatever it is, we’re focused on one thing – delivering tangible business results for our clients whether it’s sales, website traffic or footfall – and not just a book of press cuttings.

“We originally got Prohibition in to Audio-Technica to evaluate our use of social media a few years ago and since then we have been using the team to help advise us on the best approaches for our digital marketing campaigns and our social media marketing”. Harvey Roberts, Senior Marketing Manager, Audio-Technica

How can Prohibition PR help you?

1) Improve your SEO and drive web traffic and brand awareness through blogger outreach and clever online PR

2) Increase sales and improve customer service through social media monitoring, marketing and evaluation

3) Build an engaged community of brand advocates, more likely to talk positively about you, and buy from you, through Facebook applications and online community development

4) Drive mass awareness and reposition your brand through targeting regional, national, international or niche media relations

5) Drive organic buzz around your brand through viral video creation and seeding

6) Be top of mind in search through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and creative Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

7) Increase web traffic, sales and conversations through social media friendly website development

8) Become a truly social brand through a social media newsroom

Most importantly, we can get the right people talking about your brand – and buying from you – today.

You might think everyone is doing social media marketing these days so what makes Prohibition different?

We’re not new to this game for a start. Our team live and breathe digital media – and have been doing it before most agencies even heard of Mark Zuckerberg. Our managing director is listed in the top 30 marketing bloggers in the and our team’s knowledge gets seriously techie – we know what search engine spiders like for dinner, how to write a killer subject line, and know what it takes to build apps on tiny budgets and tight timeframes. And we’ve done this for a lot of household brands too – from Engage Mutual, Country Baskets and Keepmoat Homes to Audio-Technica.

But our integrated PR approach (which won the CIPR’s Best Integrated Campaign of 2015) is not at the expense of traditional PR skills. We’ve done our time at senior level in some of the largest agencies in the country, delivering strategic campaigns for the biggest blue chips to the smallest start-ups.

This gives us a solid strategic foundation to craft messaging, understand engagement and create news hooks. We also believe a truly integrated approach gives clients best value, and strongest business results. If you feel your current agency doesn’t get it, then get in touch with us today for a free social media audit and friendly chat about what we could do for you.

Video seeding specialists
Here at Prohibition we understand just how much a viral video can do for your brand in terms of generating online buzz and awareness. Just look at Old Spice or Bodyform. But we also know that without the right seeding strategy, even the best video can sink without a trace, wasting thousands of pounds.

That’s where our award-winning expertise comes in.

Using our extensive network of bloggers, online influencers and social networks – as well as lots of elbow grease – we will make sure your video is talked about and shared by the right people, and more importantly, watched in the thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands by consumers.

We also go beyond simply generating views, aiming to secure online news and blog articles amongst the most influential people in your sector, giving you those oh-so-tasty backlinks.

And when it comes to reporting, we don’t just give you a number. We look more holistically at a campaign: how has it impacted your market share of voice, who have we reached, what value has it added to your SEO.

Oh, and we’ve done this a lot of times. Just check out our case study on Football Flick Urban. That means we know what we’re doing and we’ve got some fantastic case studies we can share with you. But don’t listen to us, this is what our client says:

We originally got Prohibition in to Audio-Technica to evaluate our use of social media a few years ago and since then we have been using the team to help advise us on the best approaches for our digital marketing campaigns and our social media marketing.

Harvey Roberts, Senior Marketing Manager, Audio-Technica

So if you think that we could help your business with video seeding then get in contact today or feel free to call us on 0113 320 4583.