Crisis and Issues Management

Crisis and Issues Management

Things don’t always go to plan and sometimes incidents are unavoidable. However, as a brand, it’s your response to the crisis that defines you, and in a digital world, bad news can travel faster than ever. Consequently, businesses need to protect themselves 365 days a year across all types of media.

Here at Prohibition, we can put together a comprehensive crisis management strategy, ensuring you are always prepared. After all, choosing to ignore a situation will do your reputation more harm than good. As a crisis management specialist, we use our vast knowledge, experience and expertise to reduce the effect a crisis can have on your brand, not only helping spot a potential crisis in advance, but also limiting any fall outs, if they should occur.

Our managing director Chris Norton is one of the most respected online crisis management specialists in the country, having co-authored a chapter on Online Crisis Management for the official CIPR’s Social Media Handbook Share This Too.

We call our approach Crisis Management 2.0, and our services include


  • Social media issue and brand tracking
  • Prohibition Social 360
  • Crisis plan/handbook development
  • Social media crisis workshop
  • Crisis scenario testing


  • Real-time crisis tracking with hourly/daily/weekly reporting
  • Out of hours service
  • Antagonist auditing and influencer tracking
  • Crisis management statements and channel management
  • Dark sites
  • Good news campaigns

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