St Pierre Bakery
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St Pierre Bakery

Position as a market leader in the US on social media

  • Client:

    St Pierre Bakery


  • Prohibition’s mission was to position St Pierre Bakery as a market leader in the US on social media.
  • We re-vamped all of the content across social channels, creating engaging conversations and educating consumers about their great products.
  • We committed to a dedicated growth strategy on all platforms in order to grow brand awareness.



  • Researched estimated costs and set annual growth targets which was combined with engaging organic content including making the most of your moments/coffee breaks, recipe content, memes and competitions.
  • Created stunning visual assets to entice the consumer into testing the product.
  • Influencer marketing programme launched to encourage testing the products and reviews.



  • Facebook followers increased 1200%
  • Instagram followers increased 414%
  • Total community increase of more than 11,000 followers
  • St Pierre is already in the top three brands on social media for Brioche/Crepes in the US.


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Chris Norton

Managing Director at Prohibition
Founder of Prohibition, listed in the world's top 30 marketing bloggers and an award winning online PR and crisis management specialist. Co-author of Share This Too.