With 2012 coming to a close its fair to say that this year has been eventful and with everything that has been going on over the past months people have been talking, tweeting and updating their statuses regarding some of the hottest topics of 2012.
From the incredible success of the London Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee, Euro 2012, Kate’s pregnancy, oh and that popular erotic novel that got everyone talking, 50 Shades Of grey, 2012 has provided plenty of conversation across the online community and Facebook has released the stories that got people talking on a global scale.
So here are the top ten results….
10. Coming in at 10 is the mummy porn novel of the twenty first century, 50 Shades of Grey. The trilogy has sold 31 million copies worldwide and become one of the most talked about stories ever. Surpassing Fifty Shades of Greythe success of The Da Vinci code and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows it is the story of a young college student, Anastasia Steele who falls for a dominant older man, Christian Grey. With a movie in the works and the part of Christian Grey being widely discussed, it’s clear that it’s not the last we will hear on the subject. Although the trilogy faced criticism for being poorly written by experts, the sales of this novel show that despite the backlash, E.L James hit the nail on the head by catering for the public’s inner sexual desires through unusual metaphors, clichés and what she calls, “a classic love story.” I’m not too sure myself, having never read the books, I am going on what I have heard, and I won’t be picking this one up to read anytime soon.
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9. “Oppan Gangnam Style!!” At number 9 on Facebook’s most talked about of 2012 is the South Korean export, Psy. In August of this year Psy’s infamous Gangnam style tune hit YouTube and the Gangnam Stylecharts and ranked number 1 on the ITunes chart download list over taking Justin Beiber and Katy Perry with his highly addictive and hilarious tune. Following his success PSY, is now a worldwide celebrity and has performed with the likes of Heidi Klum at the MTV awards and the Queen of pop herself, Madonna. He even received praised from Britney Spears and Tom Cruise on Twitter, his dance moves have become a worldwide phenomenon and the ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’ line was even entered into the Yale Book of Quotations. Psy and Gangnam Style got everyone talking and dancing, but will he be a one hit wonder?? Only 2013 will tell, but until then, we shall carry on dancing to the catchy “Oppan Gangnam Style…..Heyyyyy Sexy lady!!”
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8. One for the ladies charted in this year’s list, American movie, Magic Mike, a tale of the life of strippers starring man of the moment Channing Tatum, British born Alex Pettyfer and ladies icon, Matthew McConaughey. The movie was loosely based around star of the film, Channing Tatum’s past stripper experiences and proved to be a huge box office success, raking in over $150 million dollars. It also managed to get people talking on Facebook and other social media platforms by fans raving about the movie online, it was also well received by critics and gained an 80% overall rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks to its incredible success it has now been reported that there will be a sequel and that a script is now in the works to make the next one bigger and better.

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7. This list would not be complete without mentioning the London Olympics, the famous athletic games only come round every four years and this year it was to be held in the Queens country, London England. Surpassing the success of any previous games, it blew everyone away from the people watching at home to the critics themselves. Thanks to Danny Boyle, the opening of the games told the story of British History in the most incredible way possible and began the UK’s most successful ever games. From records being broken to inspiring athletes who took part in the Paralympics, everybody gathered online to discuss the triumphs of the nation. And triumph we did with the UK totting up a total of 65 medals, 29 of which were gold our athletes did incredibly well and catapulted themselves into celebrity statuses, after suffering a summer of riots the year before we as a country redeemed ourselves and proved once more, we’re a great and talented nation.
London 2012
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6. Stop Kony 2012 became a viral campaign started by Invisible Children Inc. to create a worldwide movement to stop Ugandan cult leader and war criminal Joseph Kony and have him arrested by the end of 2012. The organisation released and hour long video onto YouTube that went viral and exposed Joseph Konys guerrilla warfare tactics with his rebel group the Lord’s Resistance Army known simply as the LRA. The video urged people to come together to stop the abuse and killing of children in east Africa and take part in a movement called ‘Cover the Night.’ The campaign asked for people to cover their local towns and cities in Kony posters to raise awareness of the campaign and they even managed to gain celebrity support from a listers such as George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift. The campaign sparked worldwide controversy from government and international officials, journalists and charity groups but it got people talking online and sharing the video, by October the film had over 94 million hits worldwide on YouTube.
5. Entering the most talked about events of 2012 at number 5 is Mitt Romney, during the Presidential election, which saw Obama triumph once again, social media, became a key player in providing support for the run up to the election results. Whilst Romney trailed slightly behind Obama on Twitter followers and likes on Facebook, he still managed to get people talking. Romney had a 49% share of voice online, just behind Obamas 51% however; Romney was slightly more favoured in online conversations. Since the Presidential election, support online for Romney has plummeted and is losing up to 15,000 likes a day, his short lived success still created plenty online conversation though.
4. In February of this year the music world mourned the loss of one of the industries most loved stars, Whitney Houston. The singer was found dead at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills after reportedly drowning in the bath tub of her hotel suite. Whitney Houston who was regularly referred to as ‘The Voice’ brought the world hits such as ‘I will always love you’ and ‘I wanna dance with somebody’. The news was a shock to everyone worldwide and got people talking online to report the death and remember the Grammy award winning singer. Award ceremonies such as the Bits held in London’s O2 arena held tributes to honour the star and I am sure that her musical talents with live on in years to come as we carry on playing her most famous songs.
3. At number three is American TV show, The Walking Dead the dramatic TV show about a Sheriff Deputy who awakens from a coma to find the world is being dominated by flesh eating zombies, nice. The show has become a huge success and recently hit 10 million likes on Facebook, a huge number for a TV show. With positive reviews across the board The Walking Dead has become a worldwide hit for viewers and the second season finale managed to achieve 9 million viewers, a record breaking amount. To show their support, fans of the series gathered online to share their love of the programme by tweeting and clicking the like button on their fan page.
2. Unsurprisingly entering the most talked about chart is what has ultimately been described as the biggest movie EVER, Marvel’s the Avengers Assemble. The movie produced incredible reviews and had an A list cast which included Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. The Avengers, released in April of this year became the fastest ever film to gross $1 Billion dollars and overall took a reported $1.51 billion dollars worldwide. On opening night the Avengers accounted for 931,100 social media posts and at its peak the film had 600,000 tweets. People everywhere loved the movie and voiced their opinions online, having seen the film myself I can honestly say that it was fantastic and well worth its rave reviews.
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1. The coveted number spot of most talked about social media subject goes to…….. The Hunger Games. The first of three movies proved to be the most successful when it comes to social media. Based on the best-selling novels written by Suzanne Collins, the plot focusses on main character, Katniss Everdeen played by up and coming star, Jennifer Lawrence, as she has to kill her way through a lottery selected game to become the winner of the Hunger Games, but most importantly, to survive. The first movie from the trilogy was widely received online and hit 800,000 likes on Facebook and 1.3 million media views. Deemed to be the next big franchise since Twilight, The Hunger Games has already surpassed the success of other movies through social media and will be sure to gather more social conversation over the next few years as the other two films are released.
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