As a Yorkshire agency, it’s fair to say that we think God’s own country serves up the best tap water in the UK, but what do the general public prefer – Yorkshire’s finest or bottled mineral water?
We put this to test on behalf of Yorkshire Water, who wanted a video to promote their attendance at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show. Yorkshire Water brought their water bar, ‘Yorkshire on Tap’ to the show, with the aim to encourage people to bring their own reusable bottle to fill up for free, rather than purchasing disposable plastic bottles – supporting the company’s aim to reduce the use of single-use plastics across the region.

To maximise opportunities during the event and to create engaging and shareable content around Yorkshire Water’s anti-plastics agenda and their attendance at The Great Yorkshire Show, we created a unique blind taste test – asking if attendees at the show could tell the difference between bottled mineral water and Yorkshire tap water and which they preferred.
The results? Yorkshire tap water was a clear favourite, with 80% of respondents voting that the Yorkshire water tasted better than bottled mineral water. The video, which was shared across Yorkshire Water’s social media platforms, was also successful in driving interest and engagement around the company’s attendance at The Great Yorkshire Show, and driving footfall on the day.
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Watch the full video below:

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