As a creative and eco-conscious Yorkshire-based agency, we were eager to win the opportunity to work with Yorkshire Water in the promotion of their ‘Six Capitals’ conference, an event aimed to tackle some of the biggest ecological issues facing both the region and the whole of the UK.
Yorkshire Water provides water and waste services to millions of homes throughout Yorkshire, and in turn, are looking to minimise environmental damage to waterways and land throughout the region. After recently announcing their zero carbon goal by 2030, they have made waves in collaborating with a host of environmentally conscious businesses, charities and government organisations to find ways they can work together to ensure they achieve carbon neutrality, reduce pollution and improve customer experience. These included Stantec, Arup, Environment Agency and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.
The aim of the campaign was to make an inspirational corporate video, promoting this coalition between 50 organisations that are making great strides to tackle the climate emergency through corporate collaboration and to work towards a more sustainable future. Our brief was to create a high quality and professional video that showcased the event by conducting interviews with high profile stakeholders and speakers to understand the crux of their motivations for participating. This in turn would be shown at an internal stakeholder event and be shared across social media.
The video was shared across Yorkshire Water’s social platforms with a highly targeted ad campaign to ensure the footprint of the event spread longer and further than just the two days of the conference. The ads were served to a targeted audience of key external stakeholders to prove Yorkshire Water is committed to improving local communities and is a thought leader in sustainable finance, as well as doing social and environmental good.

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