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Only a few years ago blogs were used as online diaries and rarely utilised for their huge search engine and

Only a few years ago blogs were used as online diaries and rarely utilised for their huge search engine and online PR benefits. In the past few years that has all changed as blogs are much more widely used as a way of bringing a human voice to a business or brand.

Today the online marketplace is full of conversations, and a business or corporate blog is a very personalised piece of communication to help you reach out to your customers.

At Prohibition we have been blogging for several years and have been helping clients to do it for a long time too. Our managing director Chris Norton’s blog is listed in the top 100 PR blogs in the world and he has been writing about their benefits for longer than he can remember.

Whether you are new to the blogger-sphere or you are wanting to breathe live into your corporate blog, we can help you reach out and converse with your customers, employees and stakeholders in a very personal way, you should certainly consider adding a blog to your website.

Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging can help you and your business to:

1. Bring A Human Face To Your Business

2. Position you or your business as a thought leader

3. Boost Your Business And Profits

4. Communicate directly to your potential customers

5. Increase Your Visibility And Search Engine Rankings

6. Increase Your Brand’s Reach And Influence

7. Reach Out To Potential Customers And Stakeholders

8. Communicate quickly and effectively even in a crisis

9. Enhance Your Business Reputation

It is true that blogging can achieve all of these things but to do so it must be executed properly, for it to deliver the maximum return on investment in both time and money.

Great Article Writing

If you know you should be writing regularly on your site but you don’t have the resources, you can hire us for our specialist content marketing skills and we will help you with your digital content strategy. Our team of dedicated copywriters will help you get the maximum benefits for the least amount of finance. This is about being clever not about being extravagant.

At Prohibition we have many years of experience teaching marketing teams, entrepreneurs and businesses how to start a blog. We have extensive experience in publishing and promoting business blogs and we are often interviewed about our thoughts on the subject.

If you are interested in having a blog created for your website, feel free to contact us and we will talk you the process.

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