The ultimate social media cheat sheet

It is fair to say that it seems that everyone these days is glued to social media. Whether it’s a continuous stream of tweets or a Selfie in every location known to man we are now a generation obsessed with sharing. With most social media users accessing platforms on the go from their phones and …Read More

19 Jul '13

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Adidas has shown how to correctly respond to a crisis situation, by suspending one of its endorsees Tyson Gay, the world’s second fastest man, after it emerged that the triple world champion tested positive for an illegal substance. It is important for brand reputation purposes that Adidas was seen to be enforcing the suspension; even …Read More

The Ups and Downs of Football and Social Media: Part 2

In my previous article on football and social media I looked at the impact social media has had on fans access to players, and the problems that it had already caused. Since then things have not improved. It’s impossible to ignore the story that has taken up a large bulk of the season; the John …Read More

IOC Lay Down Social Media Rules

The Olympics is the highlight of every athlete’s career. It can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, something to be cherished. Previously, we knew little of these Gods. Now we are closer to them than we have ever been with many of them flocking to Twitter. This has the potential to cause the International …Read More

Euros Cost Sees Fans Stay Away

Every two years another major tournament rolls around and England fans are normally dusting their shorts and St. George’s flags off before travelling on mass and taking over several cities (except for 2008 thanks to the Wally with the brolly). This year it’s different. It’s is believed that England have brought numbers in the low …Read More

British Boxing Blow-Up in a PR disaster for UK Sport

British boxing has taken another beating after the actions of former World Heavyweight Champion David Haye and Dereck Chisora brought the sport in to disrepute. Haye, who retired after losing the title to Vitali Klitschko, was looking to restart his boxing career by demanding a title rematch during the post-match press conference between Chisora and …Read More

20 Jan '12

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The Ups and Downs of Football and Social Media

Despite the rift between the lifestyles of the ordinary fan and players getting ever wider, social media has helped bridge the gap, giving followers much demanded access to their heroes. Once upon a time fans used to associate with players in pubs and join them in drinking a pint and sharing a cigarette, now they …Read More

11 Jan '11

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Footballers need social media training or social media policies creating now

On Sunday Liverpool FC played Manchester Utd in the FA Cup. Liverpool lost but I have to admit the performance was one of the best from them I have seen this season but that isn’t saying much. The fact that they played with 10 men for the majority of the game did bode well though. …Read More

05 Dec '10

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Corrupt decision or just plain old sour grapes?

It seems that the fallout from England’s failed bid to host the 2018 World Cup is set to rumble on. What’s more, the debate about whether we have genuine reason to feel aggrieved or whether we’re just wallowing in self pity will split football fans across the nation. Media pundits are predictably spinning out their …Read More