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The True Value of Diversity 

There’s no denying that we are extremely proud of our wonderful team, and it goes without saying that when they do something extra special we like to shout out about it!

One of our newest recruits, account executive Katie Rattigan, has recently gained a rather impressive ‘first’ from her ‘PR and strategic communications’ Master’s degree. Within this degree, Katie undertook a module titled ‘PR Skills’ which was in partnership with the CIPR. Part of the written assignment was to write a blog post addressing the lack of diversity in the public relations industry. At the end of the module, senior lecturers and the CIPR judged each student’s blog. We’ll give you one guess who came first!

That’s right, the University and CIPR were so impressed with Katie’s blog post that she won the competition and was granted a complimentary CIPR membership. Additionally, her blog post was published on the CIPR’s official blog.

You can read her full blog post below. Congratulations Katie –a well-deserved win which we are sure you will all agree with!


The True Value of Diversity 

The lack of diversity in the public relations industry is an issue that has been brought to light by CIPR in their “From Diversity to Inclusion” report. The report reveals that only 9% of PR practitioners are from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. It also reveals that the industry typically favours young people in the recruitment process. As a postgraduate PR student at Leeds Beckett University, the findings of the report were highly surprising to me.

Unlike the industry, public relations education is an extremely diverse environment, comprised of students from a wide array of cultural backgrounds, religions and ages. The ethnicities of students on the Master’s degree range from English, Eastern European, American, Nigerian, Arabic and more. As an English national, being part of such a multicultural class has enriched my University experience and equipped me with the intercultural communication skills necessary to thrive in corporate communications.

Teaming up with students from diverse cultural environments in group projects undoubtedly contributed to the success of our campaigns. Since constructing effective campaigns requires creativity, insight from multicultural team members so different to me was invaluable. One of the most crucial things I learnt during my time at Leeds Beckett is that our culture affects the way we think. As a result, people from diverse backgrounds tackle projects differently, leading to increased creativity and better informed campaigns.

In the first semester, we worked alongside a Leeds-based PR agency to deliver a PR pitch to them. My team consisted of students of English, Arabic and American backgrounds. The fact that our team was so diverse meant that the scope of our ideas was unlimited. Consequently, the agency was extremely impressed with our efforts and we were awarded a First Class mark.

Similarly, in the second semester, we worked alongside IKEA to produce a PR campaign which would result in increased engagement with students in Leeds. Since the client is a large multinational corporation, it was imperative that our team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the multicultural environment IKEA operates in.

Our team was diverse in terms of the age range, gender and culture of its members. As a result of the contribution from students from Eastern European and Nigerian backgrounds, we achieved an increased understanding of the cultural factors that affect student’s buying habits. The diverse characteristics and demographics of our team showed us that students were not a homogenous group, which became a crucial theme throughout our campaign. Without the involvement of multicultural students, our team would not have produced such a highly informed campaign and won the IKEA pitch.

The contrasting perspectives of the diverse teams I have been involved in have typically produced more optimised campaigns. As a result of my experiences with diversity at Leeds Beckett, I became more culturally enriched. Diversity and inclusion in PR environments means that agencies are more likely to have an in-depth understanding of their diverse clients. Lastly, multicultural individuals may identify cultural implications and potential adverse reactions our campaigns may encounter that we might not have realised ourselves.

As a creative profession, both public relations students and professionals should actively embrace the differences we encounter as individuals. True creativity can only be gained from a variety of contrasting perspectives. The truth is, the insightful, valuable things I have learnt from my multicultural University colleagues could never have been taught in a lecture theatre. That is the true value of diversity.



Making the connection between your forty-winks and sporting success

We all know that worn-out and run-down feeling when you’ve not had enough shut-eye, so we’re sure it’s no shock to know that sleep is a key factor in maintaining good health and wellbeing. But for some, the effects of not getting enough sleep can also seriously impact their livelihood.

Here at Prohibition, we’ve been working with the world’s number one bed brand, Sealy UK, to highlight how sporting success and sleep are intrinsically linked.

Whether you’re in training or recovering from injury, sleep is vital for your health and performance. Studies have shown sleep deprivation to increase levels of stress hormone, cortisol, and decrease production of glycogen and carbohydrates, which are stored for energy during physical activity. This means that sportsmen and women who haven’t been getting proper rest are likely to suffer from low energy and poorer concentration levels in their time of need.

Having a supportive bed can not only help with getting a better night’s sleep, but with recuperating from injuries, allowing the brain to restore itself and activate the healing process.

To help, we worked with Sealy UK to highlight this important link by creating a World of Sport campaign, and teamed up with a number of sporting heroes, sponsoring and gifting them a brand new Sealy bed, whilst following their sporting progress.

To date, we have worked with the likes of David Haye, Wigan Warriors, Burnley FC, Jamie Roberts and Phil Tufnell, and have generated over 65 pieces of coverage, including titles such as SportsPro, News & Star, and The Business Desk.

In fact, if you’re a Wigan Warriors fan, you may have spotted our April Fool’s video earlier this year, with Sky Sports presenter Brian Carney, discussing a new, innovative training scheme involving lots of Sealy pillows…

Here is just some information on our World of Sport stars:

To find out more about the Sealy World of Sport, visit the website here.

Top 5 Gluten-Free Bloggers

I’m Sarah, a Politics student and a coeliac blogger. I got diagnosed with coeliac disease around February last year and since then I have been gloriously gluten free!

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder. Gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye, triggers an immune reaction in people suffering with coeliac disease. When I was diagnosed I became incredibly interested in coeliac food, particularly baking and healthy meals. As a foodie, this seemed like an incredible opportunity to experiment with new ingredients that I would never have thought of and an opportunity to eat healthier!

Fresh bear garlic on wooden table

In order get some inspiration about how to go about baking with out the key ingredient – flour – I went to the world of blogging. It turns out that there were hundreds of blogs about gluten free cooking! The community was buzzing, and I wanted to cook everything, eat everything and go to every single restaurant that was written about (very over excited, but I love my food!). I noticed that although the food looked delicious, the recipes were more often than not laden with sugar, fat and carbs. Now, I am the first to admit that I could never make my meals look as beautiful, delicate and artistic s the photos you see on Pintrest or Instagram, but I did know I could make them a lot healthier!

My aim, once I graduate university, is to pursue a career in PR. I had already done some online communication and website design, so I thought it was only logical to try blogging for myself. I have started by using blogger…free and simple… a good place to start! Before I started blogging I knew what I had to do first – find an area that hadn’t been completely covered my a thousand bloggers already!

So, I present to you: The Ginger Coeliac (I’m a red head…hence the name!). A gluten-free blog about healthy eating and occasionally mentioning a few cheeky treats (including breakfast at Buckingham Palace!). Since doing work experience here at Prohibition PR I have developed skills in blogging, online communication and learned a huge amount about online community management. I am applying these skills to my blog to hopefully improve it and grow it into a key player in the online community, helping those just diagnosed, giving out ideas and showing that being a coeliac is not all doom and gloom!

I have read many coeliac blogs for inspiration, and some are absolutely amazing. The tips, reviews and information helped me no end with ideas when I was first diagnosed. The community isn’t just about discussing an interest, but a way of life: what restaurants you can eat in, what food you can eat, if there are supplements you can take and how to clean up gluten properly to stop you from getting ill. Although it sounds like a bit of a negative community, that is far from the truth. The bloggers help those who need the disease explained to them, but always in a positive light. We create recipes, food replacements (such as gluten free cupcakes) and tell people where we have been that serves the most delicious gluten free food.

After all of my research, here are my top 5 gluten free bloggers:

  1. is my all time favorite, fantastic writer and always a positive outlook on life!
  2. – The most informative blog I have found and uses social media more than any other coeliac blog I have seen, great Facebook updates, competitions and tweets!
  3. – Pretty local to me, living just down the road in York and visiting Leeds often, and the blog makes me laugh! So many puns!
  4. – This blog always puts a smile on my face. With the best ideas and a love story intertwined too. What more could you ask for?
  5. –   Before being diagnosed I went inter railing and ate purely bread and pasta as I was living off €2 a day. So I automatically thought I wouldn’t be able to do this anymore. I thought traveling would become impossible, but this blog has shown me all the tips and tricks I could possibly want!

These blogs helped me so much when I was in need of some inspiration, ides and advice. I love reading all the articles and seeing how these people have turned something so life changing into something positive. It is truly inspiring.

10 fashion and beauty Instagrammers you really should be following

Did you know that Instagram now has more than 400 million active users across the globe, collectively sharing, filtering and regramming more than 75 million times a day? Among this community are the fashion and beauty bloggers taking the platform by storm, sharing a wealth of reviews, ideas and inspiration. But with some many contributing to the Instagram ‘noise’, how do you know who to follow? We’re here to help! Here’s a selection of our favourite ladies, who are not only rocking the ‘blogosphere’ but Instagram too. We recommend that you press ‘follow’ immediately and this is why…

1. I Have This Thing For
This Instagram channel is hosted by Jessica Garland-Blake, an Irish girl living in London. Jessica is a fashion student and is therefore an expert when it comes to the subject. She says her blog is “a place of imagery for fashion, food and daily inspiration” – which certainly counts for her Instagram too. Rife with stylish, quirky and interesting photographs, the channel offers a glimpse into Jessica’s life and loves! We’d recommend you brighten up your Instagram feed by joining her 18.3k followers now (click here) and be sure to head on over to her blog too:!


2. Victoria Jane 6
The owner and author of fashion, travel and lifestyle blog, Victoria’s Vintage, Victoria Jane brings a hint of vintage style to Instagram too. A lover of travelling, eating out and visiting new places – you get more than just fashion on Victoria’s channel. Followers can expect floral patterns galore and a whole host of ‘pretty’…plus cameo appearances from Victoria’s pet rabbit, Merlin. Follow her here and check out the Victoria’s Vintage blog too.


3. Blog Me Beautiful
Initially started as a fashion and beauty blog, you can now expect a lot more from Blog Me Beautiful Instagram owner, Emily. A lover of frothy coffee, bubbles, afternoon tea and anything beautiful, she is proud to be totally honest about the products she reviews and won’t include anything she doesn’t like – so you can be certain that anything Emily does endorse genuinely has her seal of approval. Follow Blog Me Beautiful for fashion and beauty advice and much, much more. There’s even something for parents out there too, as Emily is a mum herself. Click here to follow or head to the Blog Me Beautiful blog for even more.


4. Fashion Panic
Fashion Panic is an absolute must for any Instagrammer looking for a fashion fix. Lauren’s images are always interesting, inspiring and accessible to all. The owner of online boutique, Catwalk Killa, Lauren is also the Fashion Editor of Eight Magazine. Her passion shines through in every pic she uploads and you’ll struggle not to double tap on every single one – starring in many of her snaps, Lauren is absolutely gorgeous too! Find her here and at her blog here too:


5. Scarlett London
You won’t be able to help but be impressed by Scarlett’s Instagram feed. Expect pics packed with inspiration – from a simple shot of her breakfast (below) to her outfits on any particular day. A journalism student and all round ‘go getter’ Scarlett posts regularly and has an impressive following of over 13k! Beware though, you’ll definitely wish you had this lovely lady’s life! Find out exactly what we mean here and here:


6. Cocomamastyle
We wholeheartedly disagree with stylist, Helen Canning’s claim that she isn’t “the most on-trend mum on the block, nor the coolest” – take one look at her Instagram feed and you’ll see what we mean! Helen uses her blog and Instagram to inspire other mums by sharing her “professional styling knowledge and personal experiences of pregnancy and motherhood”. Her following is growing by the day, make sure you are part of it here and read the Cocomamastyle blog here:


7.Style Petal
Primrose Bigwood started young, having established her first blog at the age of 14. Now an actress and qualified drama practitioner, Primrose is a style blogger with a wardrobe you’re certain to be envious of. Whether you’re looking for beauty tips or outfit advice, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on Primrose’s Instagram. Follow her here or head over to for more.


8. Meg Says
As you’ll see from the bio below, Meg describes herself as a “happy human being who talks about life whilst loving living it”! She’s also a “self-conscious lipstick hoarder and Tom Hanks fanatic” whose take on things is wonderfully bright and refreshing. Positivity is the order of every single day on Meg’s Instagram and her fun personality shines through in each snap! You can also rely on Meg for travel, fashion and beauty inspiration too. What are you waiting for? Follow Meg here or here too:


9. Catherine MW
The author of the Pretty Little Beauty Blog, Catherine MW confesses to having a little bit of an obsession with all things beauty and to being a ‘total Instagram nerd’ – this has proven to be the perfect combination. Catherine’s ‘unintentionally pink’ posts showcase the latest must-have make-up and beauty products which you really should be using. An Instagram pro, her snaps are expertly shot – and we’re not the only ones who love her feed, 18.6k followers agree! Check Catherine’s Instagram out for yourself here and if you still can’t get enough, head over to her blog too:


10. Frock Me I’m Famous

Another of our favourite Instagram feeds belongs to Hayley Rubery who has an impressive 19.7k followers! From fashion and beauty to life, food and travel, you’re sure to get addicted to her updates – and a word to the wise, you may waste hours scrolling through her pics. Hayley has also recently embarked on a life-changing project – she’ll be visiting 12 countries in 12 months; get ready for some international food and style inspiration. Become part of Hayley’s following here or read her blog here:


Top 10 UK Beer Blogs

Here at Prohibition we love our beer and often end the week with a pint down one of our local pubs.
Britain’s always had a strong beer drinking tradition, but there’s never been a better time for quality ale.

The UK’s more than 600 independent/craft brewers are tempting palates and whetting whistles with ales in a wide range of styles to suit every taste.
Do you want to get on the craft beer bandwagon, but don’t know where to start? Here’s our top 10 list of beer blogs to help you mix up your Friday pint.
1. Chris Hall Beer







Chris Hall Beer is a great mix of reviews, recipes and general beer news written by Chris Hall, a passionate beer lover who juggles a day job as Sales and Event Coordinator for popular London Craft Brewery, Brew By Numbers, while moonlighting as a freelance beer writer and international beer judge. We don’t know how he has the time to keep a blog, but we’re glad he does! We especially love his insights into the world of professional beer tasting.

2. A Female View







Sophie Atherton, the first woman in the UK to be accredited as a beer sommelier, challenges the popular misconception that women don’t like beer. Exploring a multitude of styles, this blog is a great resource for those who want a change from their usual pint of lager, but aren’t sure where to start.

3.Cooking Lager







Speaking of lager…bucking the trend for featuring and reviewing expensive beer, Cooking Lager is a celebration of ales both cheap and tasty! Follow the author’s supermarket adventures to learn where to pick up the best deals on booze.

4. Will Hawkes







Will Hawkes is kind of a big deal. He’s a journalist, travel writer and British beer writer of the year for 2013. Read his blog to take a boozy, food-filled trip around the world.

5. Are You Tasting the Pith







The online home of Zak Avery, British Guild of Beer Writers’ Writer of the Year 2008, author of 500 Beers and co-owner of one of our favourite bottle shops Beer-Ritz in Headingly. Are you tasting the pith is a great mix of beer reviews and social commentary.

6. Beer Birra Bier 







This blog is a great resource for those wanting to expand their beer knowledge. Featuring reviews of brews and breweries as well as regular beer and food pairings. The author posts infrequently, but when he does it’s definitely worth waiting for.

7. A Swift One







Musings of a lover of local ale coming to you from Huddersfield, ‘the UK’s premiere real ale town’. Who knew?

8. Craft Beer London







Exactly what it says on the tin. Craft Beer London brings you the best of the London craft beer scene. A guide to the best pubs, breweries, shops and events this blog is your one stop shop for all things beery in London.

9. Beer Battered







This Manchester-based blog is a guide to the best beer, breweries, pubs and bars that the UK has to offer. Whether you’re curious about American Pale Ales or mad about Belgians, Beer Battered’s handy Beer tab divides reviews by country to make browsing a breeze.

10. Pete Brown Beer







An authority in the industry, Pete Brown Beer has won numerous awards for beer writing including most recently the Online Drinks Writer of the year 2015. His often humorous take on the beer industry is well worth a read.

Top 10 Street Food Blogs

The revolution of street food has burst onto the scene in the last couple of years with its alluring combination of affordability and taste. It’s quick, easy, cheap and freshly made. The concept of street food is broadening the horizons of our taste-buds, and matching this revolution is a raft of new blogs, chronicling every development in this area. Here’s a pick of some of our favourite street food blogs from all over the world:


A cool blog run by a couple from Australia who have an honest passion for good, tasty food. They eat as the locals do wherever they travel and are well connected on other forms of social media. The blog’s name is a Japanese B-Kyu Gurume which translates as ‘B Grade Gourmet’, which reflects affordability and real life enjoyable food.

2. The very hungry Londoner on the road. 

‘The very hungry Londoner on the road’ is another combined food and travel blog with a large section dedicated to street food. Fiona left her job in 2015 to do a bit of living and luckily this well-informed and up-to-date blog is a result of that act of freedom.

Bun Thit from Hanoi Kitchen at Kerb Kings Cross

The Very Hungry Londoner

3. London Street Foodie. 

A fun and insightful blog into London’s street food scene written by Victoria Stewart, who previously worked as the ‘food editor’ at the Evening Standard. This blog covers all areas of street food, from price to taste, simplicity and geographical location, with an interesting section titled ‘London Street Food on Tour’, where Victoria has shared her international experiences of street food.

4. British Street Food. 

A well-established blog run by Richard Johnson, an award winning food journalist and broadcaster. He was also heavily involved in the opening of the Trinity Kitchen in Leeds’ biggest shopping centre. The blog also features a useful app that showcases the top spots in Britain for good street food. Richard keeps his blog well up to date with diverse posts about things, people and events.


British Street Food

5. Street Food Galore. 

Like many food bloggers, Tina Aboutaan seemingly has an equally strong passion for travelling as she does for food, which makes this blog well-informed and full of a variety of food culture. The blog is well kept and up to date, with active communities on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

6. Migrationology, Travel for Food. 

Mark Wiens has created his website and blog for ‘people who travel to eat’. He shares, very regularly, meals that he has had and enjoyed and reviews them, focusing on quality, location and price.

7. Streats. 

Written by ‘Olivianoramark’ dedicated to ‘recreating street food from all over the world’, ‘Streats’ is a slightly more hands-on blog, meaning, the author has brought her experiences of street food to the blog to share them with her audience with the intention to promote the recipes to the readers for them to experience themselves. The blog was inspired by a year in China and the cuisine that went with it, and shares some intriguing street food ideas such as dried fish, tea eggs and rice burgers.

Lamian Broth Boiling


8. Two Peas Street Food. 

Two Peas is a fairly new blog, run by a couple who decided to open a street food truck after returning from travelling the world, both with experience in hospitality and catering. The blog broadcasts the launch and success of the company so far and makes for interesting reading.

9. Super Happy Street Food Love Story. 

Super Happy Street food Love Story follows two ‘foodies’ on their travels through South-East Asia and the food they had. This diary-style blog captures the reader’s attention with vibrant photos of their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Less informative than other blogs listed but every bit as interesting.

10. Street food. 

‘Street food’ is an organisation run and maintained by NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association). The blog itself is more commercial and informative than others listed including events, reviews and discussions. The focus still remains on a love of street food, its uniqueness, ease and price.


Street Food

Do you know of any other blogs that are as passionate about street food as the list above? Let us know, we’d love to hear your comments.


The Top 25 UK Interior Blogs

I could spend hours trawling through various interior and style blogs and Pinterest, looking for inspiration and mentally planning what my future house will look like. So, I’ve compiled a list of the top 25 interior blogs – hoping that each one will give you some kind of inspiration and ideas.

1. Moregeous

Written by Sian whose talents and knowledge include property renovating, self-building, interior designing, and TV presenting (to name a few). Moregeous is an informative and fun read, bringing design inspiration, the latest trends, practical advice and various musings. Sian has been nicknamed as a ‘lady builder’ which is one of the many reasons why I love reading her blog – it’s great to see a woman offer practical and concise building advice on a platform that is so helpful and easy to understand. moregeous

2. Bright Bazaar Blog

Bright Bazaar Blog is unlike no other, with a huge focus on all things bright and colourful, author Will shares his unique perspective on design and style – following his personal motto that ‘beige is boring’ and taking inspiration from his daily life and travels. The way Will can seek out colour and draw on this to provide inspiration for interiors is amazing. He also has a best-selling design book under his belt and a second world-wide book deal is on its way so it’s easy to see why Bright Bazaar Blog made it to my top list!

3. Fabric of My Life

What I love about Kate’s blog is that the content type differs daily. The blog prides itself on three aspects ‘design and décor’, ‘food and travel’ and ‘fashion & style’ as Kate shares style inspiration for the home, new product launches and information and insight into Kate’s life. I could spend hours on the beautifully designed website, and am always left feeling inspired.

4. Abigail Ahern

Of course the ultimate style-guru Abigail, had to make our list of top interior bloggers. Recognised world-wide, Abigail is a definite trend-setter known for her eclectic yet enchanting style and taste. Her blog is full with lots of tips and tricks that can be used in your home. I love the coolness of Abigail’s style showcased on her blog and the fact that small things (e.g. small faux plants) can go a long way in revamping your home.

5. Style, Space & Stuff

Writer Samantha likes to blog about interior styles and spaces and also dabbles in food, DIY and photography. The blog overall has a mood board-like feel to it, where it showcases Samantha’s latest inspirations and style trends – the posts are brief yet easy on the high due to the highly visual layout.

6. Your Home is Lovely

Kate started this blog to document her experience buying and renovating her house to become something she was proud to live in. She offers advice on the things she has learnt along the way and offers posts with design and style inspiration at an affordable price. Your Home is Lovely was a definite for my top list as the information and inspiration Kate offers is accessible for everyone, no matter your budget.

7. Upcyclist

As people are become more conscious of the environment and re-using old items, Upcyclist delves into creative and innovative upcycling ideas from people around the world with items considered unwanted or useless. I think the possibility of repurposing unwanted items to something usable is amazing and Upcyclist offers so many great ideas to get inspired and get upcycling.

8. Don’t Cramp My Style

Blogger Anna targets which will resonate with most people, as at some point we’ve lived in rented accommodation where we are limited in making any changes. Anna offers handy hints, tips and ideas into transforming your home space with various limitations. I’ve included Don’t Cramp My Style into my top list as its one of a few that targets a younger audience and I love Anna’s ideas, there’s so many that I want to try for myself!

9. British Style UK

Natalia writes British Style UK, and is an advocate of championing British style in interiors and design. Her blog showcases this as she provides inspiration, DIY tips, product reviews and other various lifestyle elements. Her blog is a great and informative read and I absolutely love that Natalia embraces and supports British style when it comes to interiors.


10. Love Chic Living

Jen Stanbrook hopes to inspire people in the world of interior design that are often intimidated by it – I think she does just this with Love Chic Living. The award-winning blog offers affordable ideas to transform your home, with ‘how to’ posts to product reviews and style/design focussed mood boards, Jen creates a comfortable environment for users to gain ideas and I love how Jen’s eye for modern / contemporary design is apparent from the outset.

11. Design Hunter

This ethos of Design Hunter is one that I love – the blog believes that the items we introduce into our lives should help to create a home that is ‘inviting, restful and a place of sanctuary’. Author Helen, covers various aspects to her blog but has a focus on luxury and modernity. We all love a bit of luxury and Design Hunter is a great platform to find just that for our home.

12. Wild and Grizzly

Although not strictly an interiors blog, Wild & Grizzly has a great interiors section which fits in well with Lori’s wider blog. Lori provides lots of advice, reviews and inspiration surrounding living in a family environment. I absolutely love the style Lori portrays in her posts and always find them enjoyable to read.

13. Bodie and Fou

The woman behind the blog, Karine likes to mix vintage, designer and high street items to create her personal ‘effortlessly-chic’ style. The interiors section of Bodie and Fou can be easily navigated to suit your needs depending on the room you’re looking for that extra bit of help, from kids bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Karine features various designers and retailers aswell as providing lots of hints and tips. I just wish I had the same eye for detail as Karine! bodie

14. Swoonworthy

I just love Kimberley’s sense of style in the world of interior style and design which is why Swoonworthy had to make the list. Describing her own style as ‘eclectic boho glam’ – you’ll often find bold patterns (including animal print), gold finishes and various textures featured across Kimberley’s blog. Another reason, Swoonworthy has made the list as a top interior blog is due to her belief in creating strong stylish homes without spending lots of money.

15. Decorenvy

Decorenvy is the perfect destination for all things NOT high street, featuring lots of retailers and designers to enhance your own personal and individual stamp in your home. The blog was established to become a hub to find unusual and quirky designs when you want to avoid the high street, and avoid your home looking the same as many others. Decorenvy does just this and offers interiors ideas, tours of unique homes, and DIY ideas too.

16. The Ana Mum Diary

Amanda uses her blog to document her various passions including interiors and design. Drawing on from personal experience, Amanda provides down-to-earth and honest advice, from designing a children’s room, to planning a Kitchen. She also showcases must-have products and also offers her opinion in the world of interiors. The Ana Mum Diary is always an interesting and fun read and I recommend it to anyone looking for ideas of where to start when it comes to designing your home.

17. The Lovely Drawer

For anyone that loves a bit of crafts and DIY, The Lovely Drawer is a must visit. Blogger Terri likes to share her creative ideas with her readers, with lots of ‘how to’ posts to keep you occupied, Terri makes the cutest items that look amazing in the home. Terri also blogs mood board style posts to ensure her readers are kept up to date with the latest home trends and styles. I love Terri’s simplicity in her design inspiration and will definitely be making some of Terri’s craft ideas asap for my flat asap!

18. Little House on the corner

Little House on the Corner was created to allow bloggers, Jan and Christine to document the progress of the renovation of their first house. What I love about Little House on The Corner is the great DIY ideas to make the most of your home in terms of its design, space and interiors. It’s great to see the before and after shots of the rooms undergoing renovation in their house and is a definite source of inspiration for those undergoing the same process.

19. From Moon to Moon

The first time I came across Moon to Moon, I was drawn to the boho style that Gabi portrays across her blog. Gabi features various houses in her posts, showcasing eclectic bohemian tastes from around the world. Gabi also provides product ideas and suggests various retailers to help readers feel inspired to implement a bohemian feel into their homes.

20. Fresh Design Blog

If you’re looking for interiors ideas and inspiration for your home, Fresh Design Blog needs to be on your list. The blog profiles the best contemporary and modern products and design ideas whilst providing lots of information in the design process of your home. The ideas posted are all affordable, accessible and on-trend. britdecor

21. Kat Got The Cream

Author of Kat Got the Cream, Kathryn uses her blog to share her favourite finds, creative projects and personal style in the world of interior design. Kathryn uses these aspects to provide styling tips, introduce new products / companies of interest to her readers, and inspiration boards. I love the style that Kat incorporates into her post and whenever I visit, there’s always a new brand I discover!

22. Hello Peagreen

Hello Peagreen was launched as an online scrapbook to celebrate the ‘ordinary and the extraordinary’ in interior design, a place to stay ahead of the latest trends, showcase the possibilities of introducing vintage to your home and where to find them as well as being a platform to introduce new inspirations to the Hello Peagreen readers. The blog is definitely a must visit and my favourite posts are Mary’s visits to various exhibitions / places and how they also draw in as inspiration too (e.g. LD14 Highlights – Curiosity Cloud, I love the idea of floating bulb/globes for the home).

23. The Design Shepherd

I’ve long admired The Design Shepherd, and has been one of my favourite interiors blogs for a while. It’s a definite go-to website for a reliable source for all things interiors. Author Stacey often provides round-ups of the latest interior news and product launches, offers trusted product reviews, and other various inspiration posts (e.g. lust lists and pinspiration posts to name a couple).

24. Brit Décor

Again, I love anyone that incorporates British Style and Mike Ahern does just this on his blog Brit Décor. Mike mainly focuses on interiors in the UK and keeps his own ‘black book’ of retailers so he can make design and décor more accessible. Brit Décor is a great blog to be kept up to date with the latest trends and I love Mike’s minimalistic approach to design and the way in which he incorporates colour and in his inspirations.

25. Print & Pattern

Patterns are a massive part of any interior inspiration and this blog understands that and brings you the best patterns to work with. Working them into a variety or environments it makes print and pattern look good in any room. Print & Pattern is bold and in your face and I love that about the blog.

Hopefully, you’ll love these blogs as much as we do and can draw on various inspirations and ideas for your own home. Here at Prohibition, we are fascinated by the world of homes and interiors, which is supported by our client roster and the fact we launched First Home News. If you think there is a blog that should be added to this list, feel free to leave a comment with details of the site.

Our pick of the best food and drinks blogs in Leeds

Our outreach team here at Prohibition spend a lot of time identifying and engaging with online influencers across a wide variety of fields. Regardless of whether it’s a brilliant product or a less-tangible idea or issue, the end result is organic word of mouth for our clients, a powerful thing with today’s media-jaded consumers.

This month we’ve been busy speaking to food and drinks bloggers in Leeds for a new bar/restaurant we are launching next month. As anyone who’s visited the city in recent months will know, food and drink is now a major draw in Leeds, with more pop up bars, street food vendors and hipster eateries than you can shake a stick at.Guacamole_Pepper-Jack_Burger

As such, Leeds now boasts a huge number of brilliant food bloggers, catering to this exciting scene and giving the latest tips, advice and inside track on what’s happening in the city when it comes to food and drink. Here’s our pick of some of the best:

  1. Gourmet Times Leeds is a digital food magazine that focuses on fine-dining in the Leeds area as well as in your home. The blog is great for a number of reasons, not least because they encourage everyone to be a part of it by using their user-generated-content gateway, allowing readers to add their own recipes, articles and reviews. Their restaurant guide is definitely one not to be missed and is home to all the information you need when it comes to finding a restaurant.
  1. Whip Until Fluffy is written by Lil, a Leeds food blogger with diabetes living in the city. Her blog is a haven for finding yummy recipes and fabulous bar/restaurant reviews and recommendations. Her blog has really simple navigation, and easy cooking tutorials, and is a favourite among those seeking home cooking inspiration or anyone looking for great restaurants around Yorkshire.
  1. Big Spoon Little Spoon is a food and lifestyle blog by Becca, featuring posts on recipes, reviews and diets. If you are looking for inspiration on where to eat out in the city of Leeds then look no further, with reviews of the latest restaurants. I especially like her honesty and candid views.
  1. Jo Blogs. Part of the Leeds food & drink association, this Leeds lifestyle blog specialises in food and restaurant reviews, while Jo’s lifestyle posts make this blog more than just one for the average foodie.
  1. Breadsticklers – “For the love of food”. As well as restaurant reviews, this great blog also features delicious homemade recipes that will inspire you to become a master in the kitchen. Written by Claire, she has been sharing her love of food since 2011, and prides herself on writing about only her own experiences and honest opinions when it comes to reviewing great places to eat.
  1. Amy Liz is a food blogger based in Leeds posting about recipes and restaurant reviews. However, aside from writing exclusively about food, she also likes to blog about fashion and her lifestyle in Leeds, categorising her posts into; Leeds life, recipes, outfits, book club and restaurants, meaning there’s something for everyone.
  1. Eating Owt. It is exactly what it says on the tin… reviews, recipes and ramblings about Yorkshire food. This should be your go-to-guide when it comes to finding hidden Yorkshire treasures and reviews of some of the newest restaurants. If that all doesn’t take your fancy, check out her “All things cheese section” which covers, as you can guess, cheese reviews. Yum!
  1. Angel In The North may predominantly be a Yorkshire lifestyle blog, but her food and drink section is a great place to find reviews of restaurants not only in Leeds City Centre, but in the wider county, with the likes of Le Chalet Tearooms, Cielo Blanco, Bird and Beast, Cafe Rouge and Roxy Lanes reviewed.
  1. Them Apples is a blog about the food adventures of Rich. With absolutely no training when it comes to cooking, Rich takes inspiration from family and friends to create his masterpieces in the kitchen, something he shares with all his readers. His blog covers a variety of issues including eating out, food politics, books and kitchen gear.
  2. A tale of two sittings is written by a passionate Leeds food blogger who is also keen on photography. Originally from Wales, Diane‘s blog posts are a mix of food and drink, restaurant reviews and general lifestyle adventure posts. It’s one to be enjoyed by those who not only have a passion for food, but by those who enjoy finding out more about what Yorkshire has to offer in the way of food and culture.

We know this list isn’t exhaustive, so if you’re not included, please let us know about your blog in the comments and explain why we should all read it.

Making sure your business blog delivers results

Business blogging is now firmly wedged in the consciousness of any self-respecting business. Organisations of all sizes are increasingly heading online to share their thoughts about everything from product development to industry commentary and expert-advice. While this enthusiasm is admirable, simply writing content and hoping people will come to your site isn’t enough anymore, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

blogggTo really get the most out of your brand’s blog, it’s essential to have a degree of technical know-how, or you’ll end up wasting a huge amount of time, effort and money. With that in mind, here’s our guide to maximising the potential of your brand blog.

1)      Think carefully about how you build your blog

There’s a multitude of platforms available to build a blog in, and each web developer will have their preference. Getting this right is important. From a search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective – that’s how well your content will appear in Google rankings –  WordPress is the best option.  It’s extremely cost-effective, and having run blogs across many platforms, WordPress just seems to perform better and is extremely easy to use.

2)      Think about Plugins

One of WordPress’ great advantages is that its software is open source. That means there’s huge amount of free plugins available that can enhance the performance of your blog and tailor it to your requirements.  All these can be searched for and uploaded via the WordPress  ‘plugins’ tab on the left of the back-end dashboard. Essentials include Yoast, a simple-to-use SEO tool to maximise the visibility of your posts, and,Google XML Sitemaps, a tool that generates a special XML sitemap which will help search engines better index your blog. Both these result in a more visible blog, which can only be a good thing.

3)      Properly research your content

As dumb as it sounds, planning and researching what content you write about is an essential part of running a successful blog. Q&A app, Quora is a good starting point, allowing you to track the most popular questions around a particular topic. Once you know what people are asking, then you can answer it in your blog post. And if you’re one of the lucky people to be on Facebook Graph Search, you can see what your brand community is in to. Just go to Graph Search and type: Pages liked by people who like ________ (inserting your page name). This will give you a list of pages your fans like and follow, which you can then use as a basis to keep on top of the topics and issues your fans care about – and craft your content around this.

4)      Properly optimise your content for search

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to write about, then make sure your blog post is properly optimised. We’ve already mentioned Yoast, but you also need to tag each post with the relevant key words, and come up with a killer headline. This should both draw people in (think BuzzFeed), but also be optimised for search. A quick and easy way to do this is through Soovle – simply start typing your proposed headline and see what people are searching for around this. Also get your head around Google’s keyword planner, which allows you to identify the most popular key words used around a particular topic. Once you’ve found them, make sure you include them in your headline and first paragraph.

5)      Embrace hub and spoke

One of the key ways to create an audience for your blog is by channeling readers from your existing social media channels. This approach is known as ‘hub and spoke’ where each time you make a blog post, you also post about it on your social media channels. If you’ve not got any social media channels, then get some, quick! Start with Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and you’ve got the lion’s share of audience.

6)      Get your head around metrics

Whatever blog platform you use, you should have Google Analytics set up for it, as well as on your company website. Your in-house tech expert will know how to do this. Key metrics in analytics include bounce rate – this is the percentage of people visiting your blog then ‘bouncing’ straight off it. A lower bounce rate indicates a more engaged readership. Analytics also gives you an idea of what blog content is most appealing, allowing you to refine it accordingly. The emphasis should always be on using the data to constantly refine your creative approach when it comes to blogging.

7)      Think about what success looks like

Finally, think honestly about what success looks like. Forget about your blog driving sales (for now). That’s a long way off. Is it about building an engaged, loyal readership? Is it about driving traffic to your website? Or is it about establishing a thought-leadership position for your company? Whatever it is, stay focused on achieving it, and set challenging but not impossible metrics.

Image credit: Unsplash, used under Creative Commons. 


Launching “housemate speed dating”

Housemate Speed DatingHow do you make an estate agent relevant and appealing to the notoriously fickle student market? That was the brief Parklane Properties set Prohibition, and we relished the challenge. 

We responded with a programme of creative executions spanning traditional PR and social media channels, aimed at engaging with the student audience in a meaningful way, while ensuring we directly drive signups and footfall. One key campaign tackled the age-old challenge of finding compatible housemates, with the launch of “housemate speed dating” a series of events that put a new twist on the tried-and-tested matchmaking activity.

Housemate speed dating was aimed not only at those students who were new to Leeds and seeking accommodation for the first time, but also at those moving from halls or looking to establish new friendship groups.

The mechanism was simple; students were able to scope out potential ‘roomies’, or several housemates for a house share, by taking place in a series of timed ‘dates’, as well as games and activities aimed at assessing compatibility, for example, attitudes towards tidying. Along with the ‘speed dating’, students also had the opportunity to find out more about Parklane’s portfolio of student properties – crucially, helping drive new signups.