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South West town say no to Costa Coffee

“NO!” That’s what 5,700 people from Totnes, Devon have said to one of the UK’s largest coffee chains.

The independent and ‘alternative’ town of the South West have petitioned against the Whitbread owned brand to stop a 70 seat café being built in their town centre. With 41 independently owned coffee shops already situated in the town, the residents of Totnes were determined to prevent the arrival of the large coffee chain. As it stands, there is a coffee shop for every 139 people in the town.

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The New York Police Department has released a memo that has stated the rules for police officers using social media during investigations.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has given permission for officers to use aliases that are registered with the department as well internet access that can’t be traced back to them.

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The best PR people in Yorkshire fight for the title of Quiz team of the year

Last night I was a busy bee again hosting my one big charity event of the year – it almost kills me. No doubt if you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me banging on about the charity pub quiz I organise for the regional committee of the CIPR. I bore myself with the amount of ticket pushing I do but as it’s all for a good cause so I try and make sure I do it just the once a year.

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Kellogg’s Opens World’s First #TweetShop

To promote its new range of Special K crisps, Kellogg’s opened the world’s first tweet shop in London’s Soho area. The shop allows customers to sample each flavour of crisps before they were given the chance to buy a box for the cost of just one tweet. That’s right. No cash, just a single tweet.

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Ibis Hotels artistic robot PR stunt

Here is a clever little PR stunt by Ibis hotels. The hotel chain has developed a robot that creates an artistic imagery from how you sleep and from the video – it’s actually rather stunning. From the question, “What does your sleep look like?” it creates a picture of your movement during sleep. The video clip below has been watched more than 33,000 times already and the story has received international coverage all over the place.

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