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Prohibition Take Some Time Out To Think

One of the great things about PR is that you get to see how a variety of different companies work. On Friday we had the opportunity to join in a seminar held by one of our clients, Think. Think is a global innovation management company which helps businesses develop ideas or to use new techniques to think differently about how they do things. We were fortunate enough to be invited to a scaled down version of one of its seminars to “help us realise the potential” of the work that we do.

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Corporate blog writing – A blog about writing blogs

OK, so you may have read some of my previous collection of blog posts for Prohibition PR, and hopefully you enjoyed them, and may possibly even think that I am now somewhat of an expert in the blogging world? Well in all honesty I’m not (yet). To me, blogging has always been something that other people with endless amounts of opinions and things to say do; it’s taken me quite a while to understand why people do it, and the genuine importance of it.

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IOC Lay Down Social Media Rules

The Olympics is the highlight of every athlete’s career. It can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, something to be cherished. Previously, we knew little of these Gods. Now we are closer to them than we have ever been with many of them flocking to Twitter. This has the potential to cause the International Olympic Committee some headaches, which has resulted in the body laying down specific guidelines for athletes, a list of do’s and don’ts that they must adhere to.

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When is the best time to post content on Twitter and Facebook?

Check out this infographic from digital agency Raka Creative which has been created from data collated from link sharing service Bitly. No surprises that it is pretty much pointless sharing content after 3pm on a Friday afternoon although I tend to think this is the time when the most banter is had on that platform. Nobody mentions Google+ probably due to the fact we are only reportedly spending 3 minutes a month on it anyway, it’s become a bit of a social media ghost town that everyone knows they should be in but can’t be bothered to visit.

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Facebook Campaign Management– Renault 4

I love this little Facebook campaign by Renault in Holland to help a Grandma find her missing car key. People left tags and tips on where it could be in her home and the Facebook likes to their page doubled during the campaign increasing by more than 27,000. A brilliant idea and nice little application  – I would love to do something similar for our clients. If a client has the budget to do something fun and a little bit off the wall they can often get a great result and generate good awareness for a brand.

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Digital Natives

So with social media just a way of life now, how is it effecting the teenage generation? My view, and probably the majority’s view, is that teens must spend more time texting and facebook’ing than they do talking these days. But according to new statistics this is not the case!

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