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Curating content on the web with –We are going to test drive! is a new application that is in its beta phase at the moment. The premise it that it lets you create your own topic page by collecting gems among relevant streams for you. It allows you to pull all of this content into once place where you can then publish it to your favourite social media channel or to your blog.

I have requested a beta invite for this and will give it a test drive and tell you what I think of it here on the blog.


Audio-Technica Top 20 Summer Anthems

After much deliberation our client Audio-Technica has announced their top 20 summer tracks following their Sounds of the Summer campaign. They received such a large amount of varied entries they decided the only way to determine the ultimate top summer tracks was to let the public vote on it.

I even vaguely remember seeing a rather tongue in cheek song tweeted by our MD Chris Norton, Umbrella by Rihanna. Is that why the sun has disappeared behind a cloud? Most probably. Anyway, the decision has been made and the public are invited to cast their vote in the Audio-Technica Facebook Poll. There’s even a playlist of the top 20 on the Audio-Technica YouTube channel for your listening pleasure. I must admit I’m a massive fan on ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz and often find myself gravitating to the live version when browsing on YouTube (see below), true talent. Everything is enhanced with a gnome.