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Will Sky Sports regret the departures of Gray and Keys?

You’d have to be living on the moon to miss the furore caused by sexist comments made by Sky Sports’ Andy Gray and Richard Keys about female assistant referee, Sian Massey – but in the long run who will be the real losers?

Not only are the pair looking for alternative employment, but Sky Sports has arguably lost two personalities who were ‘part of the furniture’ having been immensely popular with millions of armchair football fans since the Premier League began in 1992.

It remains to be seen whether Sky Sports will rue its decision to dismiss Gray, which led to the inevitable resignation of Keys as the channel’s main anchorman. Perhaps they’ll be reinstated, but probably not, as you can’t help thinking there were deeper reasons for Gray’s sacking after the discovery of ‘further incriminating evidence’.

Both will be back I’m sure, but where? It’s hard to see that their careers will be damaged as badly as Ron Atkinson’s when he made racist comments off air about Chelsea’s Marcel Desailly, whilst commentating for ITV in 2004 – he’s now seemingly restricted to local radio phone in shows.

Women in football

Little did Sian Massey know when she was warming up to officiate at the Wolves v Liverpool match that she’d be at the centre of so much controversy. So what does the future hold for her? She’ll certainly be subjected to a few light-hearted catcalls from the stands at her next game. However, being in the spotlight could actually elevate her career and boost the profile of women in football – we’ll wait and see.

With football fans divided as to whether the whole episode was harmless banter or not, it will be interesting to see whether Sky’s viewing figures are affected. I doubt it, as football fans are fickle creatures who’ll thank Gray and Keys for the memories and look forward to the next star signing.

Yorkshire entrepreneurs wave the starting flag to launch new ‘one-stop’ communications brand

A team of Yorkshire entrepreneurs, which formerly acted as agents for BT in the region, have taken their passion for the internet, communications and print to the next level by launching a new Yorkshire-centric telecommunications, IT and document management brand.

Yoozoom4Business has been created to help the region’s local businesses maximise the benefits of their telecommunications, IT, print and copy facilities. The brainchild of former motorsport champion Alex Deighton and Al Athraby, the brand is focused on helping SMEs in the Yorkshire and Humber region grow through cost effective and scalable business solutions. The team has more than 25 years’ experience in the sector. York entrepreneur Alex Deighton, a former Formula First Champion (left), and Al Althraby from Hull get under starters orders as they launch YooZoom4Business a new ‘one-stop’ communications brand

Alex Deighton, operations director for Yoozoom4Business, commented: We believe that Yoozoom4Business really brings something new to the Yorkshire and UK business community, combining scalable telecoms, IT, print and copy solutions with a credible news and advice portal on our website.

“We have taken our time to develop this brand to ensure it can maximise clients’ business performance as effectively as possible. Having access to our services gives our customers’ convenience, speedy fulfilment, support and economies of scale that would normally only be enjoyed by blue chip organisations.”

YooZoom4Business incorporates core business operating infrastructure areas including telecoms, mobile, IT, print and copy. Its dedicated support team can create bespoke communications solutions for businesses whatever the size.

Al Athraby, managing director added: “We believe businesses require high performance, simple and robust solutions to give them the competitive edge in today’s challenging environment. We have aggressively priced our portfolio, which allows our customers to capitalise on the best proposition for their business at a very cost effective price.”

“Businesses no longer need to host their own telephony equipment as they can now manage it with our Virtual PBX, which limits the upfront investment required and can be far more cost effective for a small business or multi-sited organisation. We offer an integrated solution that works with their existing platform so they don’t have to invest in a new system. Our Virtual PBX offering incorporates the latest technology and offers our customers HD Voice – and that’s a first in the Virtual PBX space. With HD voice the customer experiences unrivalled call clarity making the quality of the call unsurpassed in clarity. This makes an excellent environment for companies to work in. A crystal clear conference call in HD removes any frustration related to poor sound quality potentially experienced with current voice standards today. As a result people are happy spend more time remotely collaborating, therefore reducing or removing traditional running costs and increasing productivity.”


About YooZoom4Business

Yoozoom4Business is a highly experienced and well respected telecoms company.

The management team was part of IP One Limited in 2002, running a tied agency for one of the country’s leading telecoms companies and managed thousands of businesses across the Yorkshire region as agent for that telecoms company. In 2006 the team formed IP Three Limited through amalgamation and further expansion.

Yoozoom4business is now an independent telecommunications, IT, print and copier company.

About Alex Deighton

Alex Deighton was born in York in 1972, attending St. Peters School, before embarking on his boyhood dream of being a Formula One driver. After attending the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School at Donington Park and a year racing there he had secured two wins and a lap record.

In 1994 Alex won the National Formula First Championship title with a team mate who was recently uncovered as BBC Top Gear’s STIG, Ben Collins. He also earned a place in the prestigious McLaren Autosport Young Driver of the Year – previous winners being David Coulthard & Jenson Button.

Following his retirement from professional racing in 1999, he set up ITS (Independent Telecom Services), building up a client base billing more than £500,000. He subsequently sold the business when he joined as a director into IP One in 2002. This subsequently rebranded as Yoozoom4Business.

About Al Athraby

Al Athraby was born and raised in Hull educated at Hymers College. He began his career in advertising before pursuing a career in telecoms in 1998 for Cable and Wireless in Business Development. In 2002 he set up a new tied telecommunications agency selling one of the UK’s leading brands and managing thousands of business accounts across the Yorkshire region in 2002 and grew through expansion to head a team of 60 staff along with Alex Deighton and a strong recognised management team under IP Three Ltd. IP Three Ltd rebranded under Yoozoom4business to become an independent telecoms, IT, copier and print company in June 2010.

Footballers need social media training or social media policies creating now

On Sunday Liverpool FC played Manchester Utd in the FA Cup. Liverpool lost but I have to admit the performance was one of the best from them I have seen this season but that isn’t saying much. The fact that they played with 10 men for the majority of the game did bode well though. However, something that ruined the game was a penalty awarded to Man Utd for questionable contact on Dimitar Berbatov in the second minute. Whether it was a penalty or not is neither here nor there as it is now in the past but the Dutch striker Ryan Babel criticised the referee openly on his Twitter page and then posted a joke picture of the referee Howard Webb dressed in a Manchester Utd shirt.

Following this, the Football Association has now decided to prosecute him for this and I think quite rightly too. I have discussed the issue of footballers using social media channels to vent their frustrations before. In fact, in that article, I went through my top five social networking mistakes and incredibly one included Ryan Babel back then – so he obviously isn’t a quick learner. Here they are in case you are interested:

  1. Darren Bent allegedly attacks Tottenham’s chairman as his transfer to Sunderland dragged on and is fined £80K.
  2. A professional footballer nicknamed “Motor Mouth” reveals he plans to leave his club Crystal Palace for Fulham on his Facebook page but manages to inform the site’s 2.7 million London network members.
  3. American Striker Altidore is fined by Hull City FC after revealing why his boss dropped him for the game with Portsmouth FC to all of his followers.
  4. Liverpool winger Ryan Babel enrages manager Rafeal Benitez by writing on his Twitter page two days ago: “Hey people, I got some disappointing news, I am not travelling to Stoke. The Boss left me out the squad. No explanation.”
  5. Thierry Henry apologises for “Hand Gate” the day after the match with Ireland.

I think the time has now come for either the PFA or the FA to draw up a set of media training guidelines for players as they don’t seem to understand that posting on social networking channels is going to get them into trouble. They are superstars in their own right and journalists/bloggers monitor these pages closely as soon as you right something contentious it is going to end up in the national papers as they are looking for stories all of the time. This needs to keep up with the rest of the world.

This month will be another interesting one as the transfer window is now open and I expect to see many more players criticising their clubs on social channels as they try to engineer their moves.

Do you think there should be official guidelines for footballers? OR do you believe clubs should just ban their players from doing it like Manchester Utd did a while back?

Earthquake hits Ripon and Facebook updates go crazy

Happy New year to you all from us at Prohibition PR, last night was a bit stranger than normal, not just because it was the final night of the Christmas holidays and my whole family are currently struggling with one of those nasty winter viruses but because we experienced an earthquake sat at home.

It was just after 9pm and I was sat up watching something on TV when the whole house began to shake, the cupboards started to make rattling noises. It lasted for a about five seconds and felt like a huge train was driving past right under our house. As soon as we felt it we knew it was a tremor but we weren’t sure far it would have travelled, so I went onto my Facebook account and it was full of status updates (more than 30) talking about it and asking what it was. It is very clever how a social network can bring all your friends together when a big incident like that takes place – only a few years ago this wouldn’t have happened. Not only did the earthquake make waves on Facebook but it also made it onto the 10pm local news and it was even on the national news this morning. BBC News reported:

A small earthquake has hit northern England, scientists have confirmed.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the 3.6-magnitude quake struck 9km north-west of Ripon in North Yorkshire just after 2100 GMT on Monday.

People in Bingley and Skipton, north-west of Leeds, reported feeling tremors, which were experienced across Cumbria and West Yorkshire.

The BGS said an earthquake of such size might be felt up to 100km away but was unlikely to cause much damage.

‘House shook’

It said many people throughout the region had reported feeling the event.

BGS spokeswoman Dr Aoife O’Mongain said: “It would have only lasted for a couple of seconds. And at that strength it is not likely that it would have caused any damage.

“People living in the vicinity may have felt their windows rattling as if a lorry was going past.”

As you can see the epicentre was near Ripon and I live on the Ripon side of Harrogate so it wasn’t too far away. So tell me did the earth move for you last night and if so what did you think?